Yahoo Livetext app launch video calling without sound -Yes, really

Yahoo is working on some app that similar to the likes of Skype and WhatsApp by making Yahoo Livetext which is a video calling service that removing the audio. It is call Yes, Really.


Let’s see the announcement from Yahoo. Yahoo stated Livetext doesn’t not use the audio so that to improve the privacy of video calling. By using this app, you have no need to worry about the secret listeners. It could be the better service to protect your privacy.

The users can enjoy the benefits of seeing each other’s reactions via live video besides typing messages by using this app. They can read the conversations as well as seeing the authentic faces.

Yahoo’s senior Vice President of Video, Design and Emerging Products, Adam Cahan said: “people text a lot nowadays, but they seldom call or use video call. The company is hoping to make a bridge for people to communicate with the live nature of video calling.”

He added:”this app could be a unique and different experience for the people. With this app, you can text and make video call with someone you could like to no matter where you are. You can see each other’s instant reaction coming with the message.”

Both of you could make private conversation with the video calling without an audio. This app is live video texting without sound. The company is hoping to make an emotional bridge for the public.

While you are in a video call, you can browse the full conversations by scrolling up and down. It clears the history if you close a conversation.

This app is free to download in the UK, the US and Canada on July 30. If you are interested in it, now please move your cursor.

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