Wife spots husband by using Google Street View online

A secret Merseyside smoker got caught smoking by his wife online by using Google Street View, he felt embarrassed as he promised his wife to quit smoking. He could not lie to again as there was evidence on in hand.

His name is Donny Ryding. The Google Street View mapped his activity from Leasowe enjoying smoking soon after his doctor suggested he should not smoke any more.


His wife Julie Ryding told the reporter of Liverpool Echo that her husband was told to quit smoking by the doctor and he should eat healthy diets as he had a heart attack before.

Concerning how she got the picture of his husband smoking, she have learned that there is street view camera working around them. When she checked the Google Street View online, she found it. And her husband has no way to deny this as he was fag in hand.

Now this image of Ryding smoking has been replaced by a more recent view of the couple’s street.

Julie said the image of figure’s face was blurred when Google Street View first launched. She felt there was no need to blur his face as there was a cloud of smoke covered him. Her husband took this story in good spirits. And they sometimes talked this as a joke.

The Google Street View snapped many pictures each day. And there are some inelegant ones as well. So you need to be careful with your manners in public.

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