WhatsApp Jan Koum sold over $2.5 billion of Facebook shares value this year

Jan Koum, co-founder of WhatsAPP, sold the company to Facebook in 2014. He became a member of board of directors of Facebook after the acquisition made. Koum sold his Facebook shares in accordance with the established trading scheme this year.He even sold several times a month since February.


The documents showed Koum had sold all 22 million Facebook shares since January, amounting to $2.8 billion.

In Feb.,2014, Facebook agreed to acquire WhatsApp for $19 billion. However,its share increased a lot then. The transaction amount was increased to $22 billion in that October when acquisition was done. Forbes estimated Koum held 45% of WhatsApp stock equity when he sold the company. It meant that Koum held about $10 billion of WhatsApp book value then.

According to the proxy files of Facebook, Koum held 60 million ordinary shares of Facebook by late of 2015. Facebook also awarded Koum 19 million qualified stock shares to keep him by November, 2018.

Koum is able to sell those qualified stock shares this year in accordance with the agreements. He has sold about one third of those qualified stock shares judged by the estimation.

WhatsApp received fast increase when he opted to sell the qualified stocks. Facebook is adjusting its services to obtain more profits.

Facebook announced last Thursday that WhatsApp had been adjusted for privacy policy for the first time since acquisition so that Facebook could access the shared phone numbers of WhatsApp profiles. Facebook planned to use these details to help enterprises to contact users via WhatsApp as it did via Messenger before.

SimilarWeb revealed the statistics that WhatsApp had obtained 1 billion users in a single month in this February. And WhatsApp becomes the most popular chatting app in half of worldwide countries and regions.

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