WhatsApp is safe for application because of Government U-turns on encryption ban claims


Many people feel it could be a sign towards the banning of WhatsApp, Snapchat and other messaging services when David Cameron implied a crackdown on encryption technology last month.

In terms of Cameron’s Investigatory Power Bill proposal-aka the Snooper’s Charter, he implied the encryption technology would provide chances for terrorists safe to transfer information to parliament during the speech about prohibiting any encryption of messages.

Reporter from Business Insider got the source from a Number 10 representative that the encryption services won’t be prohibited completely.

The representative said the Prime Minister did not indicate banning the encryption technology, and they are aware of the importance of the encryption and willing to accept it.

The representative, Prime Minister’s follower at statement on terrorism said there will be no safe space for terrorists in those messaging services.

The Baroness Shields said during her statement that the government support the encryption in which providing personal data and intellectual safe for the public. She said encryption is very important to daily access to the internet. And the encryption technology will protect the personal details while transferring money during online shopping. It will be dangerous for the public if there is no encryption applied during the transaction online.

She added: ” the Prime Minister made it clear that the encryption technology should not violate the laws when they use it for privacy.”

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