What do you learn about Pokémon Go?

Nintendo featured mobile game Pokémon Go has been attracting many palyers since its release. The indoorsmen spent a lot of time to collect the Elfins in the release countries. The popularity of Pokémon Go encourages Nintendo. Though Pokémon Go had not been introduced to many countries, Nintendo share increased by 9% last Friday.


The Australian and American fans are able to play Pokémon Go there. Considering the popularity in Australian and American markets, it might drive the Japanese fans crazy as well. Chinese fans also have great interest in Pokémon Go.

This game was released by Nintendo, Pokémon company and Niantic. In fact, its developer is Niantic, an independent studio split off from Alphabet. Its founder John Hanke is an expert in space, map products. He established a company named Keyhole which was acquired by Google in 2004. The flagship product that it made was the so called Google Earth now.

Before releasing Pokémon Go, Niantic also released two AR games named Field Trip and Ingress. It is said that Ingress attracted million of worldwide players. It accumulative experience for creating Pokémon Go though those two AR games were not so popular.

Pokémon game has been playing for over 20 years. It has obtained a great number of players around the world, especially in Japan, European and American countries. Many players won’t miss any Pokémon game. The Pokémon impressed and influenced much in players’ life.

With the popularity of smartphone, people are willing to accept new technology such as VR and AR concepts. Pokémon Go combines with AR and VR technologies which display players in a funny and interesting way.

Pokémon Go meets the demand of collection, search. Update and social communications. It is also playability.

The success of Pokémon Go might inspire the popularity of AR technology in the future. It is new to mobile game industry and other apps developing.

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