Two and a half year’s preparation, BBC iPlayer arrives on Wii U version


After years hard working on the Wii U, BBC iPlayer has made it to the public, but better late than never.

Wii U was initially proposed to launch with the console dated back to November 2012, but it was not working on it until January 2014.

It was then the senior product manager Peter Lasko stated that the company will bring BBC iPlayer with both Xbox one and Nintendo Wii U. The Xbox one was made to the public last December and Xbox one has now been made the transition to Wii U.

The users can download the BBC iPlayer app from Nintendo eShop and the app weights in at 94 MB.

The users can both watch BBC programming through the Wii U and on the Gamepad. It is quite convenient.

It was reported that the BBC iPlayer app would be delayed on Xbox One because of the complications caused by Knect. But there is no clear reason why it was delayed on the launch of Wii U.

The BBC iPlayer service was available on Wii in 2008. And it coperated with Sony to launch with Sony’s PlayStation on November 29,2013.

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