ThyessenKrupp AG bought 24,000 HoloLens to increase working efficiency

It has been more than a month that Microsoft officially sold HoloLens. However, many of consumers got no chance to experience this high-tech product
due to its expensive price. It costs $3,000 each.


A general company bought 24,000 HoloLens for its employees for work.It is reported that this company named ThyssenKrupp AG which produces elevators.
ThessenKrupp AG made agreements with Microsoft that it would buy 24,000 HoloLens for its 24,000 technicians. Of course, these HoloLens are used for the
installation and testing of elevator equipment by ThyssenKrupp AG technicians.

ThyssenKrupp AG claimed that the application of HoloLens would enhance the working efficiency for technicians. With HoloLens, technicians can solve the problems in 20 minutes which was 20 hours in the past. HoloLens helps it save reasonable time and labor cost than the cost of buying HoloLens.

It is said that the technicians are working on HoloLens Skype. Skype is a customized service for all HoloLens users provided by Microsoft. With HoloLens Skype, technicians can figure out the internal problems of elevators without checking in person and make remote phone call with experts to work out a solution.

In fact, this is not the first cooperation between ThyssenKrupp AG and Microsoft. It teamed work with Microsoft CGI in last October to work out a solution of elevator application scenarios. This solution helps ThyssenKrupp AG connect all sensors in the elevators to cloud server so that technicians can obtain the real-time data.

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