The whole world was crazy for Pokémon Go in past month

The well-known mobile game Pokémon Go was introduced to Australia and New Zealand on August 6th. It has been released for one month then. It contributed billions of revenue to its developers. The attractions of Pokémon Go are AR, location service and social networking.


It has been released for a month, Pokémon Go listed No. 1 among its download ranking at App Store for three weeks. It was replaced by Bitmoji in the last week.

App Annie reported that Pokémon Go is still the most popular downloaded app among 36 countries and has highest sales at App Store in United States.

Many analysts felt it is time for Pokémon Go to say goodbye, however, Sensor Tower revealed the statistics keep the public positive. Sensor Tower reported that users average consumption and playing duration of Pokémon Go increased as it received update.

Pokémon Go brought revenue to its developers in the meanwhile. Laura Martin of Needham revealed Pokémon Go contributed half of mobile revenues 10 days after it was introduced to United States.

Japanese statistics Intage reported the operation statistics of Pokémon Go by August 3rd, showing that it obtained over 10 million users on the third day since its release in Japan. Its usage rate is equal to Facebook’s and Twitter’s. On the first day, the usage rate aging between 10-19 accounted for most, then declined a bit on the second day. While the user group aging between 20-34 increased by a bit then.

The average service time of Pokémon Go in Japan is 46 minutes. Pokémon Go brought great benefit to Nintendo and drew more attention from public. Its cooperative developers also benefited a lot from this games.

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