The iPhone text message leads to the handsets crash


There is a bug in Apple’s iOS which caused the handsets to crash when it received a text message containing a certain string of characters.

The error message is caused by the operating system’s inability to correctly render Arabic text, but the Apples only crash if a specific string of characters is sent. So it is all not the text messages cause the Apples crash.

The bug will make the user to reboot the iPhone it they receive the offending messages, only if the user has already know their imessage history when it comes.The users need to be careful when the texts arrive to their phones.

Some users sent the phone-crashing text to the others for joking, while some of the victims by sending them to the Reddit to release their frustration.

There are also alternative solutions to deal with this problem for the users they are able to protect themselves by shutting off the “show on local screen” slider under the “message” section of the “notification” menu. Then they can set “none” while choosing the “ alert style when unlocked”.

There are reports on Twitter stating that the Apple company is aware of the bug and it is working on the fix. There has been no official statement from the Cupertino Firm yet.

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