The ideal house created with options by most people in Sweden


Have you ever imagine what is your ideal home look like? The ideal home for Swedish is three bedrooms, an open kitchen, one-and a half baths, with 1,200 square feet of boxy space painted in red. This news based a survey of two million people’s options. The Swedish housing website Hemnet got the data from over two million clicks to figure out what the people want in a home, and this ideal home came into reality carrying out by architectural firm Tham&Videgård。

“The two million people visit Hemnet website each month by giving ideas to explain what are their dreaming houses,” Stanffan Tell, Hemnet spokesperson said in a statement. Our website provides interesting observations into daily life about how the local people want to live, said Staffan.

The ideal home may not be accepted by everyone, but it was taken into consideration for many people on what they are looking for. Many visitor click the house on Hemnet website provided with four rooms, not including kitchen. It showed they are in favor of an average 3.8 rooms’ house. And 57 percent of people would like to have an open kitchen rather than a dedicated room. So the kitchen was also taken into consideration.These designs choices are not made by races but by different elements to suit several tastes. The house looks like a shipping container with a boxy shape. It is color is close to deep red paint like the traditional barns and cottages which makes the ideal house modern and classic.

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