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ESA survey: about 40% of U.S. players plan to purchase VR in one year

Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced the annual report concerning game industry. The report revealed the key trends of American game industry.


According to the investigation of ESA, about 40% of American players claimed they might to purchase VR devices in one year. Some experts assumed VR is just a marketing hype and its development might be slow. However, some institutions feel VR has great potential. Digi-Capital predicted that VR will enter into a business scope of $ 30 billion by 2020.

ESA claimed that 55% of senior players are familiar with VR devices, and among 58% of them are keen on playing games on VR.

Report stated that there is at least one game player among 63% of American families. Each family averages 1.7 game player and 65% of American families have devices for playing games.Only about 48% of American families purchased the specialized game consoles.

The average age of American game players are at 35 years old. Their averaged age to started playing games were 13 years old. The average age of female players are at 44, while the male players are at 35. The female players above 18 years old only account for 31%, while minor male players account for 17%.

In 2015, game players consumed $23.5 billion on games, hardware and components. The turnover of PC and Console software were $16.5 billion.

The statistics marked that 56% of interviewees play games on PC, 53% play games via consoles and 36% play games on mobiles. Among the senior players, 54% of them play games with others.

The most popular games in 2015 were Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and The Sims 4.