SHARP may face deficit of $280 millon as Mobile phone screen business cuts down


According to Nikkei Business Daily, the famous Japanese company Sharp may meet business performance deficit from April to June. The Sharp company sought help from the bank in May due to its business performance reduce on smartphone screen business.

Reports from Nikkei Business Daily that Sharp company has the possibility to announce its quarterly revenues deficit at the price of 280 million dollars, while its revenue profit reached 4.6 billion yen at this time in the past year.

Its quarterly revenues may reduce 3.2%, which counting to 600 billion yen loss. But there is not commend from Sharp’s senior management group. So it is not clear that if this figure is true or not.

Its quarterly revenue did not meet its marketing expectation. And its share price dropped down 3% in the morning. According to Thomson Reuters’s investigation, the analyst predicted its quarterly revenues lost 21 billion yen, and its profit amount reaches 612 billion yen.

This dilemma may result in Sharp’s price cuts on LED screen. After the deficit, the company gained 1.9 billion dollars for help to go through this difficult situation.

Nikkei Business Daily implied that if Sharp wants to reach the revenue profit at 10 billion yen from April to September that it has to improve its revenues profit from July to September.

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