Pokémon Go contributes to $268 million revenue in five weeks since release

YOUGOV, a poll agency, released an international investigative report on last Friday that players has spent over $250 million on Pokémon Go in a few weeks since release. This statistics meant that its quarterly revenue of Pokémon Go is expected to reach $1 billion.

The statistics was concluded by the investigation of interviewing 50, 000 of British, American and German Pokémon Go players. It found one-fifth interviewed players spent additional money on this game. So far, Pokémon Go has obtained 11 million subscribed players in United States and UK.

Pokémon Go is an Augemented Reality game based on Google Map and locates players by GPS and sends out the virtual Pokémons near by. With the AR technology, players can experience the fantastic sensation about catching the Pokémon elfins through their smartphone cameras. Though Pokémon GO serves as free, players are still willing to spend much on elfins to speed up game ungrate.

YOUGOV claimed the payment of Pokémon Go reached $268 million in five weeks since release. Pokémon Go obtained over 1 million subscribed British players in four weeks since it has been introduced there. Most of them spent about £0.8 pound to £14.99.

In the meanwhile, about 29% of American Pokémon Go players and 20% of German Pokémon Go players are subscribed. Among 9% of German players, that is 142,000, spent over 100 euro.

” According to our investigation and the average revenue of these three countries, the quarterly revenue of Pokémon Go is expected to reach $ billion,” said Stephen Harmston, YOUGOV spokesman.

Sensor Tower reported that the revenue of Clash Royale and Candy Crush Saga respectively was $125 million and 25 million for the first month since

YOUGOV found it that 13 % of among British, German and American adults downloaded Pokémon Go. This game is still at the early stage, it still has much potential to obtain more market share.

The daily downloads of Pokémon Go reaches over 10 million times. John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, claimed Pokémon Go will also make profit through sponsored locations, including McDonald’s, cooperative Cinemas and bars.

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