Microsoft releases another Android app “Arrow Launcher”

Microsoft continues to work on producing Android apps as it has released a new app for the Google operating system in beta.

Microsoft News reported that this new app is called Arrow Launcher that repainting the device’s home screen and plasters over Android with a new, stripped down user interface.


The Arrow Launcher separates the home screen into three pages as you could see from the photo. It comes with a People screen housing contacts, a main page hosting apps and serves, and a Notes and Reminders page.

The Arrow Launcher is made to support those users who like the idea of a mixture of Microsoft and Google on their mobile phones. This app is a minimalist offering to them.

This Launcher is coming in beta at the right moment. And it just can be tested by requesting an invite from service’s Google+ community.

There is no confirmation from Microsoft that when the Arrow Launcher will be released on Google Play yet.

As Microsoft targets on increasing its application on third-party platforms before the Window 10’s upcoming release, so far the Arrow launcher could be Microsoft’s most significant Android app. The free update for  Windows 10 comes to the public today.

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