Microsoft is rumored that to takeover for BlackBerry

It is not long before that canards of a Samsung takeover bid for BlackBerry were turnover, but there are new reports indicate there are other companies which are interested in the Canadian firm.

Microsoft weighs up a bid for the manufacturer so that to enhance its mobile phone market, news came from a Taiwanese publication Digitimes.

The news claims that Microsoft is just one of the tech companies which values BlackBerry. There are Chinese subsidiary Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei are showing their interests in BlackBerry company according to the news.

Nokia’s devices and services business has been purchased by Microsoft years ago. If it purchases BlackBerry this time, Microsoft business scale will be extended to a new level. The technology support of BlackBerry is also excellent according to its popularity and manufacturing ability.

But there is no official announcement either the Remond company or BlackBerry
to confirm this rumour. So this news of this acquisition bid is just a rumour in the public.

The data from the Canadian company in recent months showed that the business of BlackBerry products has been increased a bit after a long period of economic decline. There may be news to quash this remour soon.

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