iPhone 6s will install a Sony camera with advanced low-light tech


It is said that Apple’s iPhone 6s is going to set the 8 megapixel camera in order to support more powerful sensor, and fresh reports which has been explained on its new snapper.

According to the news from Feng the Japanese media indicated that Sony is going to provide a rear camera which is advanced low-light capabilities for the new iPhone.

A camera with Sony’s RGBW tech on board will be featured to the follow-up iPhone, and this feature provides a white sub-pixel for low-light photography.

This technology give us a specific evidence to prove the persistent rumours that the iPhone 6s will be ditched a 12-megapixel camera on the rear, which is the first megapixel boost since 4s.

There were previous reports that iPhone 6s will be made from the same aluminum alloy as Apple Watch Sport did, and the aluminum alloy increased its performance up to 60% stronger than the previous one.

Apple appears to apply the wearable’s Force Touch display technology, this technology enables a device to figure out the distinction of the handset between a brief tap and a longer press. Let’s look forward to this new iPhone 6s with Sony camera.


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