Hyperlapse- A new App brings shake-free vidoe to PC and Mobile

A new App for Android, Windows Phone and PC has been launched by Microsoft that makes shaky video footage a thing of the past.

This new App is called Hyperlapse. Thanks to an advanced algorithm, Hyperlapse allows the users record super-stabilised clips and enhance footage shot with action camera or drone.

Users can get a similar feature its video tools offered by Instagram, while users can move beyond its 6x speed limit with Hyperlapse one-ups the Facebook-owned service. The users may choose superior product base on under this circumstance.

Hyperlapse Mobile provides users the chance to watch any long video like a bumpy bicycle or a family stroll in the park. In other words, users can use the distilled version to share the video with friends and family easily, quoted from a blog post of Microsoft. This technology will offer a welcome relief to anyone who’s ever sat uncomfortably through a real-time video documenting those types of excursions. It will be a new experience from shaky video footage.

PC and Windows live for this full version of the software, but the publisher recently also preview and limit Android version to select devices. Let’s look forward to this new App.

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