How many Americans play Pokémon Go each day?

It seems like all Americans are playing AR mobile game Pokémon Go. Re/code estimated Pokémon Go obtained about 9.5 million daily active players.


SimilarWeb announced Pokémon Go players were amount to Twitter users provided with statistics. It upgraded the statistics last Wednesday and suggested that 5.9% of American android users were playing Pokémon Go on July 11th, and turned to 3% on July 8th.

SimilarWeb did not listed the specific amount of Android devices. Therefore, Re/code analyzed the statistics later. Pew Research center figured out last October that 68% of Amerians using smartphones. According to the Census made in July, 2015, United States has a population of 248 million adults. It means abut 168.5 million adults have smartphones.

ComScore 1 revealed among the mobile subscribers are over 13 years old, there are 52.8% of them using Android devices. SimilarWeb figured out about 5.25 million people are playing Pokémon Go on Android.

SimilarWeb did not make iOS statistics. However, comScore revealed about 43.6% iOS users among the adult smartphone subscribers. It worked out at 73.5 million people using iOS devices.

If we assumed the ratio of playing Pokémon Go on iOS is the same with Android’s, there will be 4.3 million players. It means about 9.55 million adults playing Pokémon Go each day. Such number is excluded the number of minor players. SurveyMonday assumed about 21 million players of Pokémon Go,while CNET assumed 15 million.

Though we have no idea the exactly number of Pokémon Go players, its players keep increasing.

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