Google self-driving car’s first accident caused injuries due to human’s fault

By now, Google self-driving cars been tested the road in the US for six years. There were many collisions caused by self-driving cars in the past years. But there was no human injured then.

A modified Lexus sports utility vehicle involved in human injuries on July 1 that Google first self-driving car caused passengers were injured.

The three employees inside the car experienced whiplash and they were taken to the hospital. In the meanwhile, the drive in the other car complained of neck and back pain as well.

Google states that the Lexus vehicle was hit behind by a car traveling running at 17mph when it stopped in Mountain View, California due to the traffic jam.

It was the 14th accident caused by Google driverless car involving in a collision. It results in human injuries by human error instead of the autonomous vehicle.

Chris Urmson, Google’s self-driving car programme head, writing on Medium that “the cause of this accident went to human error and carelessness.”

The Google’s self-driving car team are working on effective ways to pay distracted driver’s attentions before any accidents happen. Honking is a method to bring the drivers’ attention back even though this solution may annoy the residents around Mountain View.

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