Google Duo made a good start: received most downloads in a few days

Google Duo, a video chat app released by Google, becomes a popular app in United States though it has been debuted only for a few days. Google just released this app early this week and Google Duo now ranks in top 1 of free app downloads in Google Play Store.

google duo

When you run Google Play on Android device and click the most popular free app, you will find Google Duo ranks in top 1. Facebook Messenger and Pokémon Go rank respectively in second place and third place. Some other forward free apps are Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube Music.

It is worth noting that Google Duo got 4.5 for average rating, while Facebook got 4.0, Facebook Messenger was 3.9 and Snapchat was 3.9.

When Google Duo first introduced to the public, many of experts claimed it was hard to compete with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and FaceTime concerning users’ scale. However, Google Duo made a great hit among Android users.

Google Duo was only available in some countries when it was debuted. It is introduced to all over the world now.

A good start doesn’t mean a smooth development for Google Duo. It faces challenge to switch this devotion into daily active users. Android users have convenience to access this app, but Google has to convince them Google Duo is the best choice for video chat.

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