Facebook will introduce Super Mario Maker levels

Facebook and Nintendo has worked together for the celebration of its upcoming release of Super Mario Maker.


The cooperation of these two companies was acknowledged via Twitter that stating The Facebook staffs will design levels in the game. It is said that the one level version will be able to download for free after its products come to the market.

Nintendo introduced a Wii U Premium Pack bundle featuring Super Mario Maker for European customers lately.

The game will be launching on September 11, and meantime the company will also launch the bundle. This bundle is including a black Wii U console, a physical copy of Super Mario Maker, a hardcover art book and a Classic Colors Mario amiibo features.

With the new features, players are allowed to create their own custom 2D Mario levels by using Super Mario Maker.

Basing on the original 8-bit Super Mario Bros, players can create levels for their need. And they can also make their stages look like Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros U when creating levels.

There will be more related news reporting about this game. If you are interested, you can pay close attention to gaming news. You will be able to download this game this autumn to experience.

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