Facebook has been ordered to allow fake names in Germany

Facebook has been requested to allow users in Germany to sign up this social network with a false name.


Facebook’s “authentic name” policy has conflict with the country’s privacy laws in Germany. The privacy laws state that users can not be forced to submit their identified details or change their profile names against their will.

Report from Reuters confirmed that, the Hamburg data protection authority has informed the company must relax its position on this issue and allow the users to use aliases.

From this case we can see that the social networks are restrained by the regulators across Europe.

Jahannes Caspar, the Hamburg date protection commissioner implied that the the social networks should follow their rules to explore economic activity in Germany.

Facebook criticized the Germany rules and it insists that its authentic names policy serves to maintain privacy and safety online.

Quoting from a statement from Facebook company:”We’re disappointed Facebook’s authentic name policy is being revisited, since German courts have reviewed it on multiple occasions and regulators have determined it fully complies with applicable European data protection law.”

It is said the application of authentic names on Facebook protects users’ privacy and safety so that to make sure people know who they are sharing and connecting with.

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