Facebook features being removed from PS3, Vita and PlayStation TV


Facebook features are being removed from PlayStation 3, Vita and PlayStation TV, according to the official statement from Sony.

Facebook is no more on those consoles. The official app for Vita and the microconsole are going to its expiration, and the features integrated within each of Sony’s consoles are being deleted.

Facebook features have been removed from the PlayStation Store. It is said that its support will be supposed to come to an end by next January. However, Sony claims that  plan changed may be happened due to its follow-on work.

Sony made a statement that Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. will terminate support for Facebook features integrated within the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita systems and Playstation TV by January 2016. The Facebook applications for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV will also be discontinued.

There was evidence to prove this change, users will not able to download the Facebook applications from PlayStation Store from September 15, 2015. Sony made sincerely apologies for this inconvenience that may cause and hopes its customers would understand this situation.

Related news about Facebook’s developing, it is working on a “Dislike” button now that the PS3, Play Vita and PlayStation TV owners have already avail of such similar button.

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