Facebook chatbots are over 11,000 but wins few attractions

About three months ago, Facebook announced to build a chatbot chatting platform for its chatting applications. Facebook claimed this idea is to connect the individual with enterprises and realize automatic interaction.


Quoted from David Marcus blog, chef of Messenger, Facebook has been creating 11,000 chatbots since then.

In addition, it added 23,000 developers into the list. Those developers will use a tool provided by Wit.ai to chat with chatbot. Wit.ai was required by Facebook to realize the interaction automation between individuals and enterprises. “With the help of developers, we expect to create an excellent Messenger to provide better experience for enterprise and individuals,” said Marcus.

The developers seem to have more passion on Messenger chatbot than Messenger users do. Facebook does not reveal any statistics concerning this chatbot yet. The earlier users complained the chatbot replied slower. For example, the chatbot took about an hour to answer the current weather when it was asked. While some complained that the chatbot even could not understand the questions.

Facebook made a response to these complaints that the responding speed will be improved as more developers joined this experience. In the meanwhile, Marcus announced a series of new functions of chatbot platform. GIF,voice, file stream and other document forms are available on chatbot chatting.

Chatbot is now connected Messenger’s configuration files to user account, such as banks or online shops. What’s more, the chatbot is added with quick reply function.

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