Citigroup estimates Facebook downloads will be over 1 billion times in 2016

App developers usually turn to Facebook for help when they wish to promote advertisements to new users.

Citigroup released the latest analysis report on Thursday claimed that Facebook has become the biggest marketing and promotion platform.

The report concluded that Citigroup estimated the downloads of Facebook marketing platform would reach 1.15 billion times in 2016. It increased by 33% yoy. According to Citigroup statistics, the downloads of applications through Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instragram and WhatsApp reached 867 million times. There are specific details concerning the marketing applications of Facebook.

1.The average price for each installed application through Facebook is $3.4.

2. Each smartphone users downloaded 0.33 application through Facebook in 2015.

3. The mobile apps installed advertising revenue accounted for 17% of Facebook’s total advertising income in 2015.

4. Citigroup estimated that the accumulative apps downloads within 6 years through Facebook will be reached 4 billion times by 2017. The downloads in 2017 is estimated to be 1.334 billion times.

The estimation of Citigroup seems too positive in spite app-install ad is a profitable business of Facebook. The key for Facebook’s success is that Google Play Store and Apple App Store failed to offer as convenient as it did. Consumers have difficulties to find the new applications in application stores. Google and Apple have adjusted their application stores recently. Apple even plans to release its app-install advertisements.

Citigroup rated Facebook share as “Buy-ins”, and set its target share prices at $141.

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