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YouTube introduced Foundry talents plan to attract more musicians

It is reported that YouTube introduced the talents plan named by Foundry to improve the intense relations between artists and firms so that to import more popular contents to its website.


YouTube claimed that the firm has established Los Angeles studio and London Studio to cooperate with musicians. The studios aim at teaching musicians how to make full use of YouTube website. By the end of this month, YouTube New York studio will come into service. It signed contact with BJ the Chicago Kid. From next week, the musical works that recorded by those studios will be uploaded to YouTube.

According to the confirmed source, YouTube senior officers started meeting the professions in music industry a few weeks ago. YouTube stated how to populate musicians and put more of exclusive contents on YouTube.

YouTube wishes to attract more potential subscribers as Spotify and Apple Music do. They all hired expert officer or famous singers to obtain more subscribers. To YouTube, music takes up over 30% of its whole traffic. It trained Justin Bieber and Pentatonix.

Foundry is a new effort that YouTube attempts to attract more people use its service by musicians. YouTube will mainly promote its Foundry artists by availing of its musical app.

YouTube has financed and trained PewDiePie, Lilly Singh and the Fine Brothers.

To encourage more artists to be Foundry artists, YouTube promised it will offer more chances to them, such as acting online tv shows.

Google Pay Music offers discount package to rival Apple Music

Apple developed its music business a bit late in the unlimited access market, so it only charges $15 for family members each month. It was the lowest price that ever offered. The public assumed it will cause negetaive competition in this industry.

google play music
As reported, Google announced days ago that it would offer new family package, up to 6 family members, charging $14.99/ month.

In the global music streaming market, the price for individual month payment tends to be the same. That is, a person pay $10 or €10 each month. But Apple and other providers offer localized low prices in the developing countries, such as China and India.

There is no standard for family monthly payment at present. Apple Music offered up to 6 family members at $15, such discount was unprecedented.

All the providers seem to provide over 30 million songs to access. The major competitive means is price and and access for music experience. Some provides recommend songs due to users’ preferences.

Google Play Music new discount package allows 6 family members to use and enjoy its 35 million songs with no interrupt from Ads.

Google owns two music streaming service, Google Pay and YouTube. It realized the products interconnection, users can also experience the YouTube subscribed service as long as they purchase the Google Play Music family package.

Such Google family package temporarily plans to introduce to American, Canadian, British, Australian, German and French users. It will be released soon.

Apple Music loses lower price advantage as Google Play Music launches the new family package service. The statistics showed that only 40 % of users became the subscribers after the free trail was done. It only obtained 6.5 million subscribers from its latest report which is hard to compete with the music streaming giants.

Bill Gates will donate $2 billion concerns global climate issue

Besides building one of the largest global technology company, Bill Gates also engages in the career of charity. Now Bill Gates and his foundation decided to donate $ 2 billion to improve the global environment.


Bill Gates talked about the energy problems in an interview days ago and explained the reason that it is hard to resolve without the sponsorship by private enterprises. He pointed out the investment on green energy takes longer time to make profit. Many of the private enterprises are unwilling to make investments on this issue.

It is uneasy to use solar energy, hydro-energy and wind energy to replace coal, oil and gas. We can not find another effective solution to prevent global warming problem except that reduces the carbon dioxide emission. Gates hopes there are effective solutions provided to stop global warming.

He claimed that when we decided to invest enough capital in some industry, we will usher rapid economic growth. When the public realize the cancer as a serious issue, the US government will declare war on cancer. At present, US puts $ 30 billion on medical research each year, among $billion is used for cancer research.

US invests $ 6 billion on the research of energy each year. Gates feels that its research capital should be at least $18 billion each year. Energy research is more complicated than cancer research as we don’t know which project is the best solution.

Innovation is important for research. Gates hopes the researchers can quicker the progress of innovation.


Amazon opens the first brick-and-mortar bookstore in Seattle

According to the report by US Today, E-business giant Amazon open its first brick-and-mortar bookstore at local time 9: 30 am, University Village, Seattle on November 2nd,2015.

Shelf Awareness reported in last month that Amazon was planning to open its brick-and-mortar bookstore in shopping center of University Village.

amazon books

As reported, University Village is an open-air shopping center, inviting the local or worldwide famous brands into the stores. Customers can find Apple’s and Microsoft’s App stores there.

“This brick-and-mortar bookstore is an offline extension of Amazon website”, announced on Monday through its official website by Jennifer Cast, vice president of Amazon Books.

The opening of brick-and-mortar of Amazon Books externalizes Amazon service and it allows consumers experience hardware devices such as Kindle, Echo, Fire TV and Fire Tablet.

Cast claimed that there are professionals show consumers how to use the hardware devices as well as answer their questions.

Its brick-and-mortar bookstore is a bit different from the ordinary bookstores even though it sells printed books. All the books are displayed with covers outward, each book attached with a ratings card that contains the gradings and book reviews made by Amazon online consumers.

All the books displayed in the bookstore are chosen on the basis of their ratings, pre-order volume and sales volume, the popularity in Goodreads and assessment from management professionals. Their prices are the same as the ones on Amazon online stores.

Amazon Books welcomes the consumers experience reading in the brick-and-mortar bookstore and purchase books on its online stores.

YouTube Red debuts on October 28, charging $9.99 per month

YouTube claims that its premium version YouTube Red will be rolled out on October 28. It charges the users $9.99 per month for subscription. Its release will contribute to make more profit to Alphabet by providing Internet entertainment content. And it enhance the competitiveness against rivals such as Netflix.


Even though YouTube accounts can watch free videos, they have no acess to downoad the vidoes. When they watch the videos, there will be several ads cut-in.

Google works on persuading its subscribers to join YouTube Red and watch ad-free videos. Subscribers can both download videos and watch videos off-line via YouTube Red.

YouTube service is one of the three pillars of Alphabet performance. Video streaming media can bring extra revenue for Alphabet.

YouTube also released new version of YouTube Music on Wednesday. YouTube stated on its official blog that subscribers can enjoy more features via subscribing YouTube Red and YouTube Music.

Google launched its YouTube Music subscription service on Google Play. Robet Kyncl suggested that if user have Google Play Music accounts, then they be able to listen to all YouTube Red music via subscription service.

The competition becomes intense in the video streaming industry. YouTube rolled out a gaming application after Amazon merged Twitch. YouTube also sponsored several original plays. Those plays will be exclusively on YouTube Red for its subscribers.

Kyncl said YouTube is in prosperity. The launch of YouTube Red demonstrates our efforts on improving better service with more options and features.

Tesco will become the first UK supermarket to stock vinyl

Tesco is making new challenge. There are reports showing that Tesco will become the first UK supermarket to stock vinyl.


It reported that Tesco will stock vinyl records from this Friday, September 4, owing to the release of Iron Maiden’s new album The Book of Souls.

In a statement between Tesco music buyer Michael Mulligan and Engadget that implies the the action of stocking vinyl was the “next logical step” in Tesco’s new marketing strategy.

He said the company began selling record decks in their largest stores in the past year. And the sales statistics are fantastic and encouraging. Therefore, the company could like to offer vinyl to their customers to plays on those decks seem s like the logical next step.

For its sales of Vinyl, it reached 1.3million in the UK for the first in the past two decades.

The British Phonographic Industry gave the statistics showing that the format accounted for 2% of the UK music market in 2014.

In additional to this, vinyl made great sales once again when digital downloads fell during the early stages of 2015. It gained the revenues of 69.4% in the first season of 2015.

Redfin Company stated Minneapolis is the most bikeable city in U.S.


As the developing campaign of friendly environment, the public named May as the National Bike Month in U.S.. To congratulate this month of fewer emissions and more cycling, Redfin Company did a survey from 10,000 neighborhods and 154 cities in the U.S. to see which cities were most popular by cyclists. It is not easy to have this done, but we need a lead.

The company use a 1 to 100 scale for the survey, 1 is the worst while 100 is the best for cyclists. Redfin chose cities with population which are 300,000 or more, and it took hills, bike lanes and road into consideration. Minneapolis and Minnesota led the charge with impressive score of 81.3 ranking first while San Francisco ranked second by six points backward. The top 10 cities were Portland, Denver, Boston, Chicago, DC, Sacramento, Tuscon and Philadelphia.

“There was no surprise that Minneapolis turn out to be the top as Minneapolis leads a healthy lifestyle by biking. There is phenomenon for people biking in the local surroundings”, said James Garry.

Garry is also a Minneapolis resident and he stated that several of his clients have chosen to buy smaller houses in South Minneapolis in the past years while the prices are similar to the suburb ones, so that they could go to work by bike during the week and exercise around Lake Harriet on weekends.

There were more than 118 miles of on-street and 92 off-street bikeways and trail for the local people to bike. The cyclists there are definitely the most happiest in the United States.

There was also good news for bikers cross the country coming from Redfin by offering better bike paths and improved safety measures. Several cities have improved their bike scores in 2013. And Chicago ranked in the top 10 this year by 9 point jump, there are also many cities made similar improvements.

Those lager cities could not be able to compare with some of the smaller towns which are under 300,000 residents. Cambridge Massachusetts are with a score of 92.8 and they could be the most bikeable city regardless of the population, then come to Davis and Berkeley in California and Boulder, Colorado.

You could experience biking exercise easily in those cyclist-friendly cities.

Walmart plans $50 -a -Year Shipping Service Replace Amazon Prime


Walmart is working on a new way to compete with Amazon’s shipping service. It is reported that Walmart may carry out a three-day policy to speed up the shipping service, which it will cost customers about $50 per year. It is half the price of Amazon Prime. But it is not clear yet if the additional benefits will be included while orders beyond free shipping. This policy will be on initial trail on this summer. If the orders are over one million sales, the three-day shopping policy will be applied to the customers.

If Walmart can avail of its distribution network to deliver products efficiently, the company will be in a positive position to compete with Amazon concerning the speed of delivery. Walmart is in difficult position to compete with Amazon due to its additional perks. Ravi Jariwala, Walmart spokesperson stated in Associate Press: Walmart is unable to compete with Amazon additional perks.

Amazon Prime charges double the cost of the Walmart proposal shipping service. But customers can access to a large streaming video library on Amazon instant Video, they can rent a free book for a month through the Kindle Lending library and download photos on Prime Photos, while streaming music on Prime Music. We can imagine that Walmart could eventually wrap a streaming video perk to Vudu which belongs to Walmart.

It is not clear that if the family members can share Walmart’s new shipping service when the customers purchase. While customers can share Amazon Prime’s shipping service with four household members living at the same address.

What is more, Walmart’s service was supposed to be tested during the 2014 holiday shopping season, but this proposal was suspended till 2015 because of some technical issues.