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The myth of Kickstarter: drives $5.3 billion economic benefits

A latest report showed that the well-known crowd funding website Kickstarter has created over $ 5.3 billion economic benefits for public as it offered each project sponsor additional $ 2.46 benefit when they sponsor each dollar.

The report was made by Ethan Mollick, assistant professor, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He started studying Kickstarter from 2012, concerning 61,654 projects from 2009 to 2015. He found the projects which obtained fundings on Kickstarter have created 8,800 new companies and agencies 6 six years.

He predicted that Kickstarter created 29,600 full-time jobs and 28,300 part-time jobs. 19% of project owners got new jobs as they posted the project on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter was established in April, 2009 in New York city. With this platform, project founders can upload their ideas and raise funding through the internet. Those people who buy their ideas will become the sponsors, and get promise from project founder for the sponsorship.

Kickstarter developed fast in two years. It is now becoming one of the well-known and good reputation crown funding websites. There are 15 blocks on Kickstarter: Art, Comics, Crafts, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film&Video, Food, Games, Journalism, Music, Photography, Publishing,Technology and Theater.

A successfully example Oculus Rift raised crow funding on Kickstarter. Palmer Luckey, the project founder, raised $2.5 million from Kickstarter sponsors. It was acquired by Facebook for $ 2 billion in March, 2014.

Kickstarter charges commission once the projects finish crow funding. It is a major source of income. It became a public benefit cooperation in September, 2015.

Verizon acquires Yahoo for $ 4.8 billion, brand reserved

It is reported that Verizon agreed to acquire Yahoo for $4.8 billion, which ended its protracted auction process. The acquisition includes the core Internet business and some real estate business of Yahoo.



The market value of Yahoo once reached $ 125 billion during the booming period. This offer for Yahoo seems worthless. The official acquisition will be announced on Monday local time. Verizon plans to reserve Yahoo’s brands after it acquires it. This April, Yahoo started auctioning its bidding process. Verizon became one of important offerers, planning to merge Yahoo into its digital media business department which acquired AOL assets last year.

The main offerers are Bain Capital LLC and TPG. Verizon submitted the bidding price of $ 3 billion in June, excluding Yahoo real estate business. Verizon owns The Huffington Post, Tech Crunch, AOL and its mobile video app go90. The acquisition of Yahoo will take over its millions of users of Yahoo Finance, Sports and News websites.

Verizon aims to apply the smartphone data to AOL and Yahoo digital advertising system to compete with Facebook and Google. According to the estimation of eMarketer, the digital advertising revenues of Google and Facebook account for over half of American digital advertising market of $ 69 billion. It is estimated that Yahoo accounts for 3.4% of this market share. Its market share keeps declining. Emarketer assumed that the advertising revenue of Yahoo 2016 will decrease to $2.32 billion from $ 2.54 billion.

Its Q2 revenue declined by 19% yoy. Yahoo confirmed that its advertising price declined by 15% and search price was 8%. Yahoo even cut 15% of its workforce this year, down to 8,800 employees.

Verizon’s agreement is a first step to save Yahoo. Yahoo might sell 3,000 patents in another auction, which is supposed to get $ 1 billion benefit.

Citigroup estimates Facebook downloads will be over 1 billion times in 2016

App developers usually turn to Facebook for help when they wish to promote advertisements to new users.

Citigroup released the latest analysis report on Thursday claimed that Facebook has become the biggest marketing and promotion platform.

The report concluded that Citigroup estimated the downloads of Facebook marketing platform would reach 1.15 billion times in 2016. It increased by 33% yoy. According to Citigroup statistics, the downloads of applications through Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instragram and WhatsApp reached 867 million times. There are specific details concerning the marketing applications of Facebook.

1.The average price for each installed application through Facebook is $3.4.

2. Each smartphone users downloaded 0.33 application through Facebook in 2015.

3. The mobile apps installed advertising revenue accounted for 17% of Facebook’s total advertising income in 2015.

4. Citigroup estimated that the accumulative apps downloads within 6 years through Facebook will be reached 4 billion times by 2017. The downloads in 2017 is estimated to be 1.334 billion times.

The estimation of Citigroup seems too positive in spite app-install ad is a profitable business of Facebook. The key for Facebook’s success is that Google Play Store and Apple App Store failed to offer as convenient as it did. Consumers have difficulties to find the new applications in application stores. Google and Apple have adjusted their application stores recently. Apple even plans to release its app-install advertisements.

Citigroup rated Facebook share as “Buy-ins”, and set its target share prices at $141.

Facebook chatbots are over 11,000 but wins few attractions

About three months ago, Facebook announced to build a chatbot chatting platform for its chatting applications. Facebook claimed this idea is to connect the individual with enterprises and realize automatic interaction.


Quoted from David Marcus blog, chef of Messenger, Facebook has been creating 11,000 chatbots since then.

In addition, it added 23,000 developers into the list. Those developers will use a tool provided by to chat with chatbot. was required by Facebook to realize the interaction automation between individuals and enterprises. “With the help of developers, we expect to create an excellent Messenger to provide better experience for enterprise and individuals,” said Marcus.

The developers seem to have more passion on Messenger chatbot than Messenger users do. Facebook does not reveal any statistics concerning this chatbot yet. The earlier users complained the chatbot replied slower. For example, the chatbot took about an hour to answer the current weather when it was asked. While some complained that the chatbot even could not understand the questions.

Facebook made a response to these complaints that the responding speed will be improved as more developers joined this experience. In the meanwhile, Marcus announced a series of new functions of chatbot platform. GIF,voice, file stream and other document forms are available on chatbot chatting.

Chatbot is now connected Messenger’s configuration files to user account, such as banks or online shops. What’s more, the chatbot is added with quick reply function.

Amazon might introduce more Dash buttons to explore business

The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon Dash button will be cooperated with more brands so that users could realize shopping with this button on this online retail giant.


In accordance with the internal documents and confirmed source, Amazon attempts to attract more consumers to shop by using the Dash button. Dash is a tiny entity button which connects with the internet directly.

Only a singly click by the consumers could they shop the measurable toilet paper and cleanout fluid via Amazon platform. It is unclear that which new brands would cooperate with Dash button.

Dash button was being released for a year this April. Amazon announced dozens of new cooperative partners on this first anniversary which led to the Dash buttons were more than 100. It is worth noting that Amazon introduced this Dash button on April fool’s day, 2015. Many of reporters thought it was a joke.

The public research statistics show that Dash button improved some sales for Amazon, but consumers did not make strong reaction to this device. Slice intelligence revealed a report in March, showing that under half of consumers used this device to purchase goods among the Dash button consumers.

The aim of Dash button is to help Amazon to enhance consumers loyalty. It could avoid them purchasing goods from nearby groceries and convenient stores.

To its Prime subscribers, Dash button is a free service for them. Consumers need to prepay $4.99 as the fee of Dash button, however, Amazon will return this fee after their first order made.

7 Excellent Management Rules Concluded by LindedIn HR Director

Lately, Microsoft announced to acquire LinkedIn at $ 26.2 billion. However, LinkedIn has the independence to manage business. LinkedIn has its own management mode since its establishment. Chairman& founder Reid Hoffman, CEO Jeff Winer and HR director Pat Wadors made great efforts to have this business mode built.

1. The Alliance 2014 version redefined the relationship between administrators and employees. It explained how an excellent leader to keep excellent employees by stating to team up with employees. In LindedIn, the excellent department director would always encourage and inspire his fellows to grow by availing of all kinds of challenges and chances.

2. The department directors keep communicating with its team workers in succession during the year. Wadors feels communication is not surprise but it scissors and paste.

3. They are goal oriented. An excellent administrator makes sure that its fellows know the team goal and discuss how to achieve its goal every now and then.

4 . He inspires the employees with positive opinions and tell them how to think and work out the problem.

5. Excellent administrator encourages employees to make adventures at some point. They make challenge for better LinkedIn besides doing their own job and conclude the experience from failure.

6.  He delivers the idea of development and direction to its team workers so that they could adapt to the whole situation.

7. He expresses his requirements to team workers in time. Wadors considered the best example of LinkedIn is Jeff Weiner.

EU investigated whether Microsoft misused data concerning LinkedIn acquisition

It reported that EU was investigating the case that Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in case of data misuse. Margrethe Vestager claimed that EU antitrust agency will investigate whether the data Microsoft obtained by the acquisition has durability or not. Microsoft might cause inconvenience for others or let others copy data so that others will have access to enter the market.


When EU committee assessed the deal that Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the data was the key concern they made. But the commissioner was Vestager’s former officer and made the decision that the data would not cause any worries.

Vestager once warmed that the data would cause competitive problems even though the regulators have not found them yet. It did not mean that they would not find the problems.

James Cakmak who works for Monness Crespi Hardt &Co. claimed that the investigation of WhatsApp acquisition was stricter than LinkdedIn’s based on the data analysis. LinkedIn has 100 million users in European countries, while Facebook has 350 million users there. The growth track of WhatsApp is different from LinkedIn’s.

It made a great hit in the Tech industry when Microsoft announced to acquired LinkedIn last week. Microsoft aimed to make more achievements profession social networking field by acquiring LinkedIn.

It made a vision that users could use LindedIn profile as the core of their work and life. It planned to put LinkedIn to work with Windows, Outlooks, Skype, Office, Excel and PowerPoint and so on.

Microsoft claimed that the acquisition of LinkedIn needed to be approved by EU, supervision departments of the United States, Canada and Brazil.
Microsoft has faith in finishing this deal by the end of 2016.

Mobile app downloads decline


With the popularity of smartphones, the mobile apps were warmly welcome and led to apps’ release. There are a great amount of apps on the market. However, the upsurge of apps has gone, mobile users are no longer to keen on downloading apps. Therefore, the mobile app downloads declined greatly.

Users rarely redownload apps as long as they are as popular as Snatchat and Uber.

Re/code reported that Apple released Apple Store in 2008 which contributed to an upsurge of app downloads. However, this upsurge has gone.

Of course, there are still developers launching new apps, but the downloads decline a lot.

SensorTower reported that the US app downoads for top 15 declined by more than 20% Yoy this May as the largest platforms are showing maturation.

Judged by the international market, the smartphone markets are still increasing which leads to mobile apps increase. But the increase rate slows down.

Among the international top 15 apps( exlcusive US), the downloads just increased by 3% in May.

Some apps downloads are exceptional, such as Snatchat and Uber app. They both received a surprised increase.

The Snapchat downloads were 13 million times in May, 2015, while it increased to 27 million times this May. What’s more, the growth rate of Uber downloads is more than 100%.

The increased downloads of Snapchat is more than social networking giant Facebook’s in US.

Some well-known Apps also suffered downloads decline from last May to this May. The downloads of Whatsapp decreased by 7.6% while Facebook Messenger declined by 18.4%. Instagram downloads decreased by 3.7% and YouTube’s decrease rate was 20.1%.

Medium acquires Superfeedr to promote feeds service

Medium just acquires a startup company named Superfeedr. Its API could fasten RSS, Atom and JSON feeds. Superfeedr will enable Medium generate feeds that contain subscribing items and feed them in real time to compatible PubSuHubbub services.


From the statement on Superfeedr’s official website, its client included IFTTT,, Etsy and Player FM. Superfeedr will continue to service these clients when the acquisition is done.

You might wonder its RSS subcription goes to an end. Even though only senior news readers use RSS to concern news, RSS and Atom still develop well. In fact, a lot of API and services reply on these feeds.

For instance, Flipboard, Web Crawler, Podcast player, Apple News all need to avail of feeds to collect structred data from content creators. The objects that Superfeedr serves includes content services that contains a lot of feeds and services need to obtain a great amount of feeds.

As we all known, Medium is a large-scaled content publisher. Superfeedr team will be responsble for the beautiful feeds that Medium could generate in a short time and introduce them to the right place. What’s more, users could activate RSS feeds on Medium settings to enjoy the full content.

Meidum engages itself in creating a platform that connects with all the networking sites. Medium aims at developing into a more open community. The importance is to make sure that Medium users could control its content.

Superfeedr once obtained an undisclosed finance from Betaworks and Mark Cuban. Medium did not reveal the specific agreements in terms of this acquisition.

Samsung plans to launch a mobile payment service to attract Apple&Android users

Samsung Pay is only available for its Android devices so far. ETNews reported that Samsung has plan to introduce its payment platform to more countries and regions by releasing Samsung Pay Mini service. Samsung Pay Mini is available on the third party Android smartphone, iOS devices and even PC.


It is reported that Samsung Pay Mini will be released next month. It aims to release Samsung Pay Mini service to stimulate more users to apply its payment platforms. Only a few users use Samsung Pay to pay online, the usage share is under 20%.

The complicated feature of Samsung Pay limits its further development. ETNews claimed that Samsung Pay screen won’t be prompted automatically all the time. Users have to recall which credit/debit card they set default with payment when they place orders.

In comparison, Samsung Pay Mini is easy to use. It is compatible with Marshmallow Androice devices and onwards, iPhone with iOS 8 and onwards, iPod touch and iPad.

Samsung will introduce this new service to more devices. It reported that Samsung is testing to apply this service to Windows and Mac pc, but the release date might be some day later this year.

However, Samsung Pay Mini is not compatible with MST. Theoretically, MST is compatible with most of POS products regardless of they are with NFC feature or not. Samsung Electronics implants the Samsung Pay Mini service into its high-end smartphones.

By this February, Samsung Pay obtained 5 million users, and the transaction revenue reached $500 million. Then Samsung introduced this service to China and United Kingdom. It claimed to introduce it to Australia, Brazil, Spain and Singapore later this year.

The steady business extension is a key to Samsung Pay. Apply Pay is its competitive rival. It obtained 12 million active users by March. While Android Pay announced to obtain several millions of users as well.