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What do you learn about Pokémon Go?

Nintendo featured mobile game Pokémon Go has been attracting many palyers since its release. The indoorsmen spent a lot of time to collect the Elfins in the release countries. The popularity of Pokémon Go encourages Nintendo. Though Pokémon Go had not been introduced to many countries, Nintendo share increased by 9% last Friday.


The Australian and American fans are able to play Pokémon Go there. Considering the popularity in Australian and American markets, it might drive the Japanese fans crazy as well. Chinese fans also have great interest in Pokémon Go.

This game was released by Nintendo, Pokémon company and Niantic. In fact, its developer is Niantic, an independent studio split off from Alphabet. Its founder John Hanke is an expert in space, map products. He established a company named Keyhole which was acquired by Google in 2004. The flagship product that it made was the so called Google Earth now.

Before releasing Pokémon Go, Niantic also released two AR games named Field Trip and Ingress. It is said that Ingress attracted million of worldwide players. It accumulative experience for creating Pokémon Go though those two AR games were not so popular.

Pokémon game has been playing for over 20 years. It has obtained a great number of players around the world, especially in Japan, European and American countries. Many players won’t miss any Pokémon game. The Pokémon impressed and influenced much in players’ life.

With the popularity of smartphone, people are willing to accept new technology such as VR and AR concepts. Pokémon Go combines with AR and VR technologies which display players in a funny and interesting way.

Pokémon Go meets the demand of collection, search. Update and social communications. It is also playability.

The success of Pokémon Go might inspire the popularity of AR technology in the future. It is new to mobile game industry and other apps developing.

ESA survey: about 40% of U.S. players plan to purchase VR in one year

Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced the annual report concerning game industry. The report revealed the key trends of American game industry.


According to the investigation of ESA, about 40% of American players claimed they might to purchase VR devices in one year. Some experts assumed VR is just a marketing hype and its development might be slow. However, some institutions feel VR has great potential. Digi-Capital predicted that VR will enter into a business scope of $ 30 billion by 2020.

ESA claimed that 55% of senior players are familiar with VR devices, and among 58% of them are keen on playing games on VR.

Report stated that there is at least one game player among 63% of American families. Each family averages 1.7 game player and 65% of American families have devices for playing games.Only about 48% of American families purchased the specialized game consoles.

The average age of American game players are at 35 years old. Their averaged age to started playing games were 13 years old. The average age of female players are at 44, while the male players are at 35. The female players above 18 years old only account for 31%, while minor male players account for 17%.

In 2015, game players consumed $23.5 billion on games, hardware and components. The turnover of PC and Console software were $16.5 billion.

The statistics marked that 56% of interviewees play games on PC, 53% play games via consoles and 36% play games on mobiles. Among the senior players, 54% of them play games with others.

The most popular games in 2015 were Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and The Sims 4.

Facebook features being removed from PS3, Vita and PlayStation TV


Facebook features are being removed from PlayStation 3, Vita and PlayStation TV, according to the official statement from Sony.

Facebook is no more on those consoles. The official app for Vita and the microconsole are going to its expiration, and the features integrated within each of Sony’s consoles are being deleted.

Facebook features have been removed from the PlayStation Store. It is said that its support will be supposed to come to an end by next January. However, Sony claims that  plan changed may be happened due to its follow-on work.

Sony made a statement that Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. will terminate support for Facebook features integrated within the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita systems and Playstation TV by January 2016. The Facebook applications for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV will also be discontinued.

There was evidence to prove this change, users will not able to download the Facebook applications from PlayStation Store from September 15, 2015. Sony made sincerely apologies for this inconvenience that may cause and hopes its customers would understand this situation.

Related news about Facebook’s developing, it is working on a “Dislike” button now that the PS3, Play Vita and PlayStation TV owners have already avail of such similar button.

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Facebook will introduce Super Mario Maker levels

Facebook and Nintendo has worked together for the celebration of its upcoming release of Super Mario Maker.


The cooperation of these two companies was acknowledged via Twitter that stating The Facebook staffs will design levels in the game. It is said that the one level version will be able to download for free after its products come to the market.

Nintendo introduced a Wii U Premium Pack bundle featuring Super Mario Maker for European customers lately.

The game will be launching on September 11, and meantime the company will also launch the bundle. This bundle is including a black Wii U console, a physical copy of Super Mario Maker, a hardcover art book and a Classic Colors Mario amiibo features.

With the new features, players are allowed to create their own custom 2D Mario levels by using Super Mario Maker.

Basing on the original 8-bit Super Mario Bros, players can create levels for their need. And they can also make their stages look like Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros U when creating levels.

There will be more related news reporting about this game. If you are interested, you can pay close attention to gaming news. You will be able to download this game this autumn to experience.