Box Acquires Startup Wagon and ends its service on October 3rd

Box, a cloud file sync and shared software company, announced to Wagon Analytics on September 1st. Wagon Analytics is a company that offers query of
transport bureau and data analysis.


Wagon team will help Box to build the analysis platform when the merge is done. It will offers deep data analysis to help users to find more Box service functions. In addition, Wagon team has rich launching experience in users experience design, data modeling and visualization. Wagon will enhance the competitiveness of Box in data analysis.

Wagon application supports several databases which allow co-workers to share data analysis result with ease. At present, Wagon data analysis app supports OSX and Windows OS. Its Linux version will be released soon. It is said that Wagon primary service will be ended on October 3rd after it is acquired by Box.

This acquisition will contribute to technology sharing of Wagon and Box which leads to better support for individuals and enterprise teams. As a modern content centralized management platform, Box can help enterprises make full use of content to accomplish work.Many of industries and Fortune top 500 enterprises use Box service. The data analysis products of Box will help enterprises to know more about their business data in order to accomplish mission better.

Wagon was established in 2014 which locates in San Francisco. Its co-founders Matthew DeLand, Mike Craig and Jeff Weinstein once worked for Groupon. Its investors included Fuel Capital, Harrison Metal, Homebrew, Lerer Ventures and SV Angel. Mode Analytics is the competitive rival of Wagon.

Box also released its Q2 2016 earnings by July 31st when it announced to acquire Wagon. The revenue of Box in Q2 reached $95.7 million, with a 30% decrease of each share. The net deficiency in Q2 was $38.1 million. The good news was that it obtained more 4,000 clients in Q2.

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