Apple keeps poaching VR talents from other companies

Steven Troughton-Smith, who works as iOS developer, tweeted that it added the quotation of SCN 3D display rendering technique for its key framework. These files will be applied by developers for launching VR/AR features.


Steven felt that Apple imitated HoloLens to make app platform and distribute the VR app launch to others. It verified on the framework of SceneKit 3D of iOS9.

In the meantime, Apple is seeking for competent and interesting VR talents. It hired Zeyu Li this month, who worked for Magic Leap for more than one year. According to the his profile on LinkedIn, he is interested in deep learning, VR, AR and self-driving vehicle.

Early in June, Yury Petrov joined Apple as researcher. He once worked for Oculus and Facebook in VR platform, as well as teaches in Northeastern University. His profile reads that he focuses on experimenting on psychology, human vision, OHMD, brain imaging and signal processing and analysis.

Apple poached Nick Thompson from HoloLens of Microsoft last September. Nick Thompson was the Audio engineering chef of HoloLens project. He worked over
two years in HoloLens project.

The hiring spree started from May, 2015 when Apple acquired an AR startup Metaio. Metaio CEO Thomas Alt is working for Apple now.

In September 2015, Apple acquired FaceShift company to enhance its real-time facial analysis with camera which can be used in making virtual images of animations. The well-known movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens applied the FaceShift technology to enhance the sense of reality of Aliens.

If Apple wanted to make achievements in VR/AR field, it would meet great competitions from tough rivals. Google is one of investors of Magic Leap. Microsoft is launching AR glasses HoloLens and Snapchat is also developing its AR glasses products.

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