Apple breaks the routine: won’t release the sales volume of iPhone 7 on opening weekend

Apple released news on September 9, Beijing Time that it would break the routine this year for not revealing the sales volume of iPhone 7 on opening weekend.


It released the new generation iPhones: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on September 7, San Francisco time. Pre-orders of these two modes of iPhone will start from September 9. Apple will have them on the shelves on September 16.

As per customary practice, Apple will reveal the sales volume of new generation iPhone on opening weekend( Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Kristin Huguet, Apple spokesman, claimed that they have explored the distribution outlets to 100,000 by the cooperation with operators and retailers. We assumed iPhone 7 will be sold out even though the pre-orders of iPhone 7 has not begun.

He added:” It is obvious that the sales volume of iPhone 7 in the beginning is decided by the supply instead of market demands. Thus, we assumed the sales volume of iPhone 7 on opening weekend is no longer an important measurement to investors and consumers.”

iPhone business accounts for 50 % of Apple total revenue. The sales volume of iPhone encountered two quarterly declines this year. It was the first time that iPhone sales decline since 2007.

Kristin Huguet confidently claimed the figure of iPhone 7 on opening weekend is meaningless. He indicated that iPhone 7 will be short supply. However, Colin Gillis, analyst of BGC Partners, has different opinions on this announcement. He suggested the investors need to make their decisions through the data whether iPhone sales reaches the celling point.

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