A new OS will be launched by Google for Internet of Things


Google I/O is upcoming and the statistics is showing that Google is going to launch an OS for low-power devices which can be connected on the Internet of Things. It has a codenamed “ Brillo”.The public will be announced more information of this platform, which made by the Android brand at Google I/O next weekend. Its working theory would be based on the existing Android and it would give a sign for Google’s entry into the connected devices marketplace. It would be a new breakthrough.

Base on the report, this OS target its primarily market in low-power devices which function on as little as 64 or 32 MB of RAM. A wide range of small devices included like light bulbs, door locks, and many other smart home function base on this specific, and we will be able to see its updates in a few years.

Many companies cooperated with The Internet of Things as they want to explore their market with bigger share in the future. They have to collect information at trade shows. They may like Google’s OS new devices which will be launched. Google has launched a lot of popular devices as we have known.

We are delighted to see what we could get for Google I/O next week. There will be the annual developer conference to reveal Google news and we can pay close attention for Google Glass 2, updates on Android and more information about the Internet of Things.

In terms of new refreshment of this OS at this moment, it would be a new step for advanced devices in the market no matter what we may get. We look forward to this new O/S.

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