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ThyessenKrupp AG bought 24,000 HoloLens to increase working efficiency

It has been more than a month that Microsoft officially sold HoloLens. However, many of consumers got no chance to experience this high-tech product
due to its expensive price. It costs $3,000 each.


A general company bought 24,000 HoloLens for its employees for work.It is reported that this company named ThyssenKrupp AG which produces elevators.
ThessenKrupp AG made agreements with Microsoft that it would buy 24,000 HoloLens for its 24,000 technicians. Of course, these HoloLens are used for the
installation and testing of elevator equipment by ThyssenKrupp AG technicians.

ThyssenKrupp AG claimed that the application of HoloLens would enhance the working efficiency for technicians. With HoloLens, technicians can solve the problems in 20 minutes which was 20 hours in the past. HoloLens helps it save reasonable time and labor cost than the cost of buying HoloLens.

It is said that the technicians are working on HoloLens Skype. Skype is a customized service for all HoloLens users provided by Microsoft. With HoloLens Skype, technicians can figure out the internal problems of elevators without checking in person and make remote phone call with experts to work out a solution.

In fact, this is not the first cooperation between ThyssenKrupp AG and Microsoft. It teamed work with Microsoft CGI in last October to work out a solution of elevator application scenarios. This solution helps ThyssenKrupp AG connect all sensors in the elevators to cloud server so that technicians can obtain the real-time data.

Apple keeps poaching VR talents from other companies

Steven Troughton-Smith, who works as iOS developer, tweeted that it added the quotation of SCN 3D display rendering technique for its key framework. These files will be applied by developers for launching VR/AR features.


Steven felt that Apple imitated HoloLens to make app platform and distribute the VR app launch to others. It verified on the framework of SceneKit 3D of iOS9.

In the meantime, Apple is seeking for competent and interesting VR talents. It hired Zeyu Li this month, who worked for Magic Leap for more than one year. According to the his profile on LinkedIn, he is interested in deep learning, VR, AR and self-driving vehicle.

Early in June, Yury Petrov joined Apple as researcher. He once worked for Oculus and Facebook in VR platform, as well as teaches in Northeastern University. His profile reads that he focuses on experimenting on psychology, human vision, OHMD, brain imaging and signal processing and analysis.

Apple poached Nick Thompson from HoloLens of Microsoft last September. Nick Thompson was the Audio engineering chef of HoloLens project. He worked over
two years in HoloLens project.

The hiring spree started from May, 2015 when Apple acquired an AR startup Metaio. Metaio CEO Thomas Alt is working for Apple now.

In September 2015, Apple acquired FaceShift company to enhance its real-time facial analysis with camera which can be used in making virtual images of animations. The well-known movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens applied the FaceShift technology to enhance the sense of reality of Aliens.

If Apple wanted to make achievements in VR/AR field, it would meet great competitions from tough rivals. Google is one of investors of Magic Leap. Microsoft is launching AR glasses HoloLens and Snapchat is also developing its AR glasses products.

Microsoft plans to stop selling Lumia mobile in December

WinBeta reported that there were rumors from the market that Lumia mobile brand would be canceled. There are only five series of mobiles of Lumia Brand left, Lumia 550, Lumia 650, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL.


Many experts feel these mobiles are lack of highlights and attractions to enhance the performance of mobile WP. However, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL are exceptional as they are equipped with Continuum which turns mobile into pocket PC.

It seems that Microsoft gives up Lumia brand now. An unnamed Mirosoft employee claimed that Microsoft plans to stop selling Lumia mobiles in this December. Thre were signals that Microsoft would carry out measures for Lumia mobiles. It reducd the selling prices of Lumia series mobiles in past few months. Some of its retailed partners also offer promotions for Lumia mobiles, such as Amazon.

The stocks of Microsoft online mall and sales mode of franchise house for Lumia mobiles verified this rumor. The stocks of Lumia mobiles on shelves are fewer.The link of Lumia mobiles on Aermcian Microsoft home page has been deleted.

Microsoft makes no comment on the news of stopping selling Lumia mobiles. It claimed that no notification needs to be reported so far.

Besides Lumia brands, the public still concerns its future products. Surface Phone has been a hot topic discussed by the public. The rumor indicated that Microsoft will debut an all-in-one machine of Surface at new releases in October, 2016. While some implied that Microsoft will wait until next year to release other Lumia devices.

Apple breaks the routine: won’t release the sales volume of iPhone 7 on opening weekend

Apple released news on September 9, Beijing Time that it would break the routine this year for not revealing the sales volume of iPhone 7 on opening weekend.


It released the new generation iPhones: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on September 7, San Francisco time. Pre-orders of these two modes of iPhone will start from September 9. Apple will have them on the shelves on September 16.

As per customary practice, Apple will reveal the sales volume of new generation iPhone on opening weekend( Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Kristin Huguet, Apple spokesman, claimed that they have explored the distribution outlets to 100,000 by the cooperation with operators and retailers. We assumed iPhone 7 will be sold out even though the pre-orders of iPhone 7 has not begun.

He added:” It is obvious that the sales volume of iPhone 7 in the beginning is decided by the supply instead of market demands. Thus, we assumed the sales volume of iPhone 7 on opening weekend is no longer an important measurement to investors and consumers.”

iPhone business accounts for 50 % of Apple total revenue. The sales volume of iPhone encountered two quarterly declines this year. It was the first time that iPhone sales decline since 2007.

Kristin Huguet confidently claimed the figure of iPhone 7 on opening weekend is meaningless. He indicated that iPhone 7 will be short supply. However, Colin Gillis, analyst of BGC Partners, has different opinions on this announcement. He suggested the investors need to make their decisions through the data whether iPhone sales reaches the celling point.

Box Acquires Startup Wagon and ends its service on October 3rd

Box, a cloud file sync and shared software company, announced to Wagon Analytics on September 1st. Wagon Analytics is a company that offers query of
transport bureau and data analysis.


Wagon team will help Box to build the analysis platform when the merge is done. It will offers deep data analysis to help users to find more Box service functions. In addition, Wagon team has rich launching experience in users experience design, data modeling and visualization. Wagon will enhance the competitiveness of Box in data analysis.

Wagon application supports several databases which allow co-workers to share data analysis result with ease. At present, Wagon data analysis app supports OSX and Windows OS. Its Linux version will be released soon. It is said that Wagon primary service will be ended on October 3rd after it is acquired by Box.

This acquisition will contribute to technology sharing of Wagon and Box which leads to better support for individuals and enterprise teams. As a modern content centralized management platform, Box can help enterprises make full use of content to accomplish work.Many of industries and Fortune top 500 enterprises use Box service. The data analysis products of Box will help enterprises to know more about their business data in order to accomplish mission better.

Wagon was established in 2014 which locates in San Francisco. Its co-founders Matthew DeLand, Mike Craig and Jeff Weinstein once worked for Groupon. Its investors included Fuel Capital, Harrison Metal, Homebrew, Lerer Ventures and SV Angel. Mode Analytics is the competitive rival of Wagon.

Box also released its Q2 2016 earnings by July 31st when it announced to acquire Wagon. The revenue of Box in Q2 reached $95.7 million, with a 30% decrease of each share. The net deficiency in Q2 was $38.1 million. The good news was that it obtained more 4,000 clients in Q2.