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WhatsApp Jan Koum sold over $2.5 billion of Facebook shares value this year

Jan Koum, co-founder of WhatsAPP, sold the company to Facebook in 2014. He became a member of board of directors of Facebook after the acquisition made. Koum sold his Facebook shares in accordance with the established trading scheme this year.He even sold several times a month since February.


The documents showed Koum had sold all 22 million Facebook shares since January, amounting to $2.8 billion.

In Feb.,2014, Facebook agreed to acquire WhatsApp for $19 billion. However,its share increased a lot then. The transaction amount was increased to $22 billion in that October when acquisition was done. Forbes estimated Koum held 45% of WhatsApp stock equity when he sold the company. It meant that Koum held about $10 billion of WhatsApp book value then.

According to the proxy files of Facebook, Koum held 60 million ordinary shares of Facebook by late of 2015. Facebook also awarded Koum 19 million qualified stock shares to keep him by November, 2018.

Koum is able to sell those qualified stock shares this year in accordance with the agreements. He has sold about one third of those qualified stock shares judged by the estimation.

WhatsApp received fast increase when he opted to sell the qualified stocks. Facebook is adjusting its services to obtain more profits.

Facebook announced last Thursday that WhatsApp had been adjusted for privacy policy for the first time since acquisition so that Facebook could access the shared phone numbers of WhatsApp profiles. Facebook planned to use these details to help enterprises to contact users via WhatsApp as it did via Messenger before.

SimilarWeb revealed the statistics that WhatsApp had obtained 1 billion users in a single month in this February. And WhatsApp becomes the most popular chatting app in half of worldwide countries and regions.

Google Duo made a good start: received most downloads in a few days

Google Duo, a video chat app released by Google, becomes a popular app in United States though it has been debuted only for a few days. Google just released this app early this week and Google Duo now ranks in top 1 of free app downloads in Google Play Store.

google duo

When you run Google Play on Android device and click the most popular free app, you will find Google Duo ranks in top 1. Facebook Messenger and Pokémon Go rank respectively in second place and third place. Some other forward free apps are Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube Music.

It is worth noting that Google Duo got 4.5 for average rating, while Facebook got 4.0, Facebook Messenger was 3.9 and Snapchat was 3.9.

When Google Duo first introduced to the public, many of experts claimed it was hard to compete with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and FaceTime concerning users’ scale. However, Google Duo made a great hit among Android users.

Google Duo was only available in some countries when it was debuted. It is introduced to all over the world now.

A good start doesn’t mean a smooth development for Google Duo. It faces challenge to switch this devotion into daily active users. Android users have convenience to access this app, but Google has to convince them Google Duo is the best choice for video chat.

How Snapchat Make Profit with Burn After Reading?

Snapchat market capitalization is more than some listed technology companies owing to 150 million daily active users and $17 billion estimated value, such as Twitter and Yelp.

Snapchat aims at obtaining $ 300 million in revenue for this year, while it set $50 million as goal last year. Snapcaht promised to its investors that its business scale will be up to $ 500 million –$1 billion by 2017.

How Snapchat plan to make profit then? It will carry out the same strategy as other technology companies such as Google and Facebook, that is, advertisement.

Snapchat displays many ads in the key locations of its interface.

Discover: users can view the ads through the channel that Snapchat created with its cooperative partners.

Stories: Snapchat adds advertisements in Live Stories and Stories that made by users. It meant that users can watch the ads when they switch to different friends.

Filter: Snapchat will offer filter service for specific activities, such as Recode conference and Taco Bell sponsor activity.

Snapchat faces challenges from two aspects. On the one hand, Snapchat is hard to measure whether the ads it offers to advertisers succeed or not. If users spent money on ads, then they would like to know the effects. So far, Snapchat has not offered a better measurement.

On the other hand, Evan Spiegel doesn’t like the advertisement pointing technology based on users. The attraction of digital advertisement is that marketers wish to know who it aims at.

Snapchat refuses to make customized and personalized advertisements. It will be a challenge for its future development.

Pokémon Go contributes to $268 million revenue in five weeks since release

YOUGOV, a poll agency, released an international investigative report on last Friday that players has spent over $250 million on Pokémon Go in a few weeks since release. This statistics meant that its quarterly revenue of Pokémon Go is expected to reach $1 billion.

The statistics was concluded by the investigation of interviewing 50, 000 of British, American and German Pokémon Go players. It found one-fifth interviewed players spent additional money on this game. So far, Pokémon Go has obtained 11 million subscribed players in United States and UK.

Pokémon Go is an Augemented Reality game based on Google Map and locates players by GPS and sends out the virtual Pokémons near by. With the AR technology, players can experience the fantastic sensation about catching the Pokémon elfins through their smartphone cameras. Though Pokémon GO serves as free, players are still willing to spend much on elfins to speed up game ungrate.

YOUGOV claimed the payment of Pokémon Go reached $268 million in five weeks since release. Pokémon Go obtained over 1 million subscribed British players in four weeks since it has been introduced there. Most of them spent about £0.8 pound to £14.99.

In the meanwhile, about 29% of American Pokémon Go players and 20% of German Pokémon Go players are subscribed. Among 9% of German players, that is 142,000, spent over 100 euro.

” According to our investigation and the average revenue of these three countries, the quarterly revenue of Pokémon Go is expected to reach $ billion,” said Stephen Harmston, YOUGOV spokesman.

Sensor Tower reported that the revenue of Clash Royale and Candy Crush Saga respectively was $125 million and 25 million for the first month since

YOUGOV found it that 13 % of among British, German and American adults downloaded Pokémon Go. This game is still at the early stage, it still has much potential to obtain more market share.

The daily downloads of Pokémon Go reaches over 10 million times. John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, claimed Pokémon Go will also make profit through sponsored locations, including McDonald’s, cooperative Cinemas and bars.

The whole world was crazy for Pokémon Go in past month

The well-known mobile game Pokémon Go was introduced to Australia and New Zealand on August 6th. It has been released for one month then. It contributed billions of revenue to its developers. The attractions of Pokémon Go are AR, location service and social networking.


It has been released for a month, Pokémon Go listed No. 1 among its download ranking at App Store for three weeks. It was replaced by Bitmoji in the last week.

App Annie reported that Pokémon Go is still the most popular downloaded app among 36 countries and has highest sales at App Store in United States.

Many analysts felt it is time for Pokémon Go to say goodbye, however, Sensor Tower revealed the statistics keep the public positive. Sensor Tower reported that users average consumption and playing duration of Pokémon Go increased as it received update.

Pokémon Go brought revenue to its developers in the meanwhile. Laura Martin of Needham revealed Pokémon Go contributed half of mobile revenues 10 days after it was introduced to United States.

Japanese statistics Intage reported the operation statistics of Pokémon Go by August 3rd, showing that it obtained over 10 million users on the third day since its release in Japan. Its usage rate is equal to Facebook’s and Twitter’s. On the first day, the usage rate aging between 10-19 accounted for most, then declined a bit on the second day. While the user group aging between 20-34 increased by a bit then.

The average service time of Pokémon Go in Japan is 46 minutes. Pokémon Go brought great benefit to Nintendo and drew more attention from public. Its cooperative developers also benefited a lot from this games.

The myth of Kickstarter: drives $5.3 billion economic benefits

A latest report showed that the well-known crowd funding website Kickstarter has created over $ 5.3 billion economic benefits for public as it offered each project sponsor additional $ 2.46 benefit when they sponsor each dollar.

The report was made by Ethan Mollick, assistant professor, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He started studying Kickstarter from 2012, concerning 61,654 projects from 2009 to 2015. He found the projects which obtained fundings on Kickstarter have created 8,800 new companies and agencies 6 six years.

He predicted that Kickstarter created 29,600 full-time jobs and 28,300 part-time jobs. 19% of project owners got new jobs as they posted the project on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter was established in April, 2009 in New York city. With this platform, project founders can upload their ideas and raise funding through the internet. Those people who buy their ideas will become the sponsors, and get promise from project founder for the sponsorship.

Kickstarter developed fast in two years. It is now becoming one of the well-known and good reputation crown funding websites. There are 15 blocks on Kickstarter: Art, Comics, Crafts, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film&Video, Food, Games, Journalism, Music, Photography, Publishing,Technology and Theater.

A successfully example Oculus Rift raised crow funding on Kickstarter. Palmer Luckey, the project founder, raised $2.5 million from Kickstarter sponsors. It was acquired by Facebook for $ 2 billion in March, 2014.

Kickstarter charges commission once the projects finish crow funding. It is a major source of income. It became a public benefit cooperation in September, 2015.