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Verizon acquires Yahoo for $ 4.8 billion, brand reserved

It is reported that Verizon agreed to acquire Yahoo for $4.8 billion, which ended its protracted auction process. The acquisition includes the core Internet business and some real estate business of Yahoo.



The market value of Yahoo once reached $ 125 billion during the booming period. This offer for Yahoo seems worthless. The official acquisition will be announced on Monday local time. Verizon plans to reserve Yahoo’s brands after it acquires it. This April, Yahoo started auctioning its bidding process. Verizon became one of important offerers, planning to merge Yahoo into its digital media business department which acquired AOL assets last year.

The main offerers are Bain Capital LLC and TPG. Verizon submitted the bidding price of $ 3 billion in June, excluding Yahoo real estate business. Verizon owns The Huffington Post, Tech Crunch, AOL and its mobile video app go90. The acquisition of Yahoo will take over its millions of users of Yahoo Finance, Sports and News websites.

Verizon aims to apply the smartphone data to AOL and Yahoo digital advertising system to compete with Facebook and Google. According to the estimation of eMarketer, the digital advertising revenues of Google and Facebook account for over half of American digital advertising market of $ 69 billion. It is estimated that Yahoo accounts for 3.4% of this market share. Its market share keeps declining. Emarketer assumed that the advertising revenue of Yahoo 2016 will decrease to $2.32 billion from $ 2.54 billion.

Its Q2 revenue declined by 19% yoy. Yahoo confirmed that its advertising price declined by 15% and search price was 8%. Yahoo even cut 15% of its workforce this year, down to 8,800 employees.

Verizon’s agreement is a first step to save Yahoo. Yahoo might sell 3,000 patents in another auction, which is supposed to get $ 1 billion benefit.

How many Americans play Pokémon Go each day?

It seems like all Americans are playing AR mobile game Pokémon Go. Re/code estimated Pokémon Go obtained about 9.5 million daily active players.


SimilarWeb announced Pokémon Go players were amount to Twitter users provided with statistics. It upgraded the statistics last Wednesday and suggested that 5.9% of American android users were playing Pokémon Go on July 11th, and turned to 3% on July 8th.

SimilarWeb did not listed the specific amount of Android devices. Therefore, Re/code analyzed the statistics later. Pew Research center figured out last October that 68% of Amerians using smartphones. According to the Census made in July, 2015, United States has a population of 248 million adults. It means abut 168.5 million adults have smartphones.

ComScore 1 revealed among the mobile subscribers are over 13 years old, there are 52.8% of them using Android devices. SimilarWeb figured out about 5.25 million people are playing Pokémon Go on Android.

SimilarWeb did not make iOS statistics. However, comScore revealed about 43.6% iOS users among the adult smartphone subscribers. It worked out at 73.5 million people using iOS devices.

If we assumed the ratio of playing Pokémon Go on iOS is the same with Android’s, there will be 4.3 million players. It means about 9.55 million adults playing Pokémon Go each day. Such number is excluded the number of minor players. SurveyMonday assumed about 21 million players of Pokémon Go,while CNET assumed 15 million.

Though we have no idea the exactly number of Pokémon Go players, its players keep increasing.

What do you learn about Pokémon Go?

Nintendo featured mobile game Pokémon Go has been attracting many palyers since its release. The indoorsmen spent a lot of time to collect the Elfins in the release countries. The popularity of Pokémon Go encourages Nintendo. Though Pokémon Go had not been introduced to many countries, Nintendo share increased by 9% last Friday.


The Australian and American fans are able to play Pokémon Go there. Considering the popularity in Australian and American markets, it might drive the Japanese fans crazy as well. Chinese fans also have great interest in Pokémon Go.

This game was released by Nintendo, Pokémon company and Niantic. In fact, its developer is Niantic, an independent studio split off from Alphabet. Its founder John Hanke is an expert in space, map products. He established a company named Keyhole which was acquired by Google in 2004. The flagship product that it made was the so called Google Earth now.

Before releasing Pokémon Go, Niantic also released two AR games named Field Trip and Ingress. It is said that Ingress attracted million of worldwide players. It accumulative experience for creating Pokémon Go though those two AR games were not so popular.

Pokémon game has been playing for over 20 years. It has obtained a great number of players around the world, especially in Japan, European and American countries. Many players won’t miss any Pokémon game. The Pokémon impressed and influenced much in players’ life.

With the popularity of smartphone, people are willing to accept new technology such as VR and AR concepts. Pokémon Go combines with AR and VR technologies which display players in a funny and interesting way.

Pokémon Go meets the demand of collection, search. Update and social communications. It is also playability.

The success of Pokémon Go might inspire the popularity of AR technology in the future. It is new to mobile game industry and other apps developing.

Citigroup estimates Facebook downloads will be over 1 billion times in 2016

App developers usually turn to Facebook for help when they wish to promote advertisements to new users.

Citigroup released the latest analysis report on Thursday claimed that Facebook has become the biggest marketing and promotion platform.

The report concluded that Citigroup estimated the downloads of Facebook marketing platform would reach 1.15 billion times in 2016. It increased by 33% yoy. According to Citigroup statistics, the downloads of applications through Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instragram and WhatsApp reached 867 million times. There are specific details concerning the marketing applications of Facebook.

1.The average price for each installed application through Facebook is $3.4.

2. Each smartphone users downloaded 0.33 application through Facebook in 2015.

3. The mobile apps installed advertising revenue accounted for 17% of Facebook’s total advertising income in 2015.

4. Citigroup estimated that the accumulative apps downloads within 6 years through Facebook will be reached 4 billion times by 2017. The downloads in 2017 is estimated to be 1.334 billion times.

The estimation of Citigroup seems too positive in spite app-install ad is a profitable business of Facebook. The key for Facebook’s success is that Google Play Store and Apple App Store failed to offer as convenient as it did. Consumers have difficulties to find the new applications in application stores. Google and Apple have adjusted their application stores recently. Apple even plans to release its app-install advertisements.

Citigroup rated Facebook share as “Buy-ins”, and set its target share prices at $141.

Facebook chatbots are over 11,000 but wins few attractions

About three months ago, Facebook announced to build a chatbot chatting platform for its chatting applications. Facebook claimed this idea is to connect the individual with enterprises and realize automatic interaction.


Quoted from David Marcus blog, chef of Messenger, Facebook has been creating 11,000 chatbots since then.

In addition, it added 23,000 developers into the list. Those developers will use a tool provided by to chat with chatbot. was required by Facebook to realize the interaction automation between individuals and enterprises. “With the help of developers, we expect to create an excellent Messenger to provide better experience for enterprise and individuals,” said Marcus.

The developers seem to have more passion on Messenger chatbot than Messenger users do. Facebook does not reveal any statistics concerning this chatbot yet. The earlier users complained the chatbot replied slower. For example, the chatbot took about an hour to answer the current weather when it was asked. While some complained that the chatbot even could not understand the questions.

Facebook made a response to these complaints that the responding speed will be improved as more developers joined this experience. In the meanwhile, Marcus announced a series of new functions of chatbot platform. GIF,voice, file stream and other document forms are available on chatbot chatting.

Chatbot is now connected Messenger’s configuration files to user account, such as banks or online shops. What’s more, the chatbot is added with quick reply function.