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Samsung plans to launch a mobile payment service to attract Apple&Android users

Samsung Pay is only available for its Android devices so far. ETNews reported that Samsung has plan to introduce its payment platform to more countries and regions by releasing Samsung Pay Mini service. Samsung Pay Mini is available on the third party Android smartphone, iOS devices and even PC.


It is reported that Samsung Pay Mini will be released next month. It aims to release Samsung Pay Mini service to stimulate more users to apply its payment platforms. Only a few users use Samsung Pay to pay online, the usage share is under 20%.

The complicated feature of Samsung Pay limits its further development. ETNews claimed that Samsung Pay screen won’t be prompted automatically all the time. Users have to recall which credit/debit card they set default with payment when they place orders.

In comparison, Samsung Pay Mini is easy to use. It is compatible with Marshmallow Androice devices and onwards, iPhone with iOS 8 and onwards, iPod touch and iPad.

Samsung will introduce this new service to more devices. It reported that Samsung is testing to apply this service to Windows and Mac pc, but the release date might be some day later this year.

However, Samsung Pay Mini is not compatible with MST. Theoretically, MST is compatible with most of POS products regardless of they are with NFC feature or not. Samsung Electronics implants the Samsung Pay Mini service into its high-end smartphones.

By this February, Samsung Pay obtained 5 million users, and the transaction revenue reached $500 million. Then Samsung introduced this service to China and United Kingdom. It claimed to introduce it to Australia, Brazil, Spain and Singapore later this year.

The steady business extension is a key to Samsung Pay. Apply Pay is its competitive rival. It obtained 12 million active users by March. While Android Pay announced to obtain several millions of users as well.

Facebook will ends LiveRail platform

LiveRail combines its video and ads through automatically bidding system. It is the media that connects the publishers and advertisers. But now, Facebook announced that it will end this platform.

LiveRail was acquired by Facebook in July, 2014. Its acquisition price was between $400 million and $500 million. Facebook aimed at optimizing its video advertising experience by acquiring this platform. This acquisition turned out to be a failure.

Brian Boland, Facebook advertisement senior officer admited in April that it spentmore time as they predicted to integrate LiveRail technology.

He said: “Advertisement cheating and visibility changed the project towards a different direction.” In the past few months, LiveRail CEO left the comany and then Facebook streamline dozens of LiveRail employees.

Facebook spokesman stated in the email that they will close LiveRail Private Exchange platform to focus on a better way to help publishers to sell their ads to advertisers or via Audience Network to extend their service.

According to the confirmed source, Facebook won’t give up LiveRail project, it may put LiveRail into new video advertising technology.

Facebook confirmed on Wednesday that it will close FBX which allowed the third party advertising companies to purchase desktop Facebook ads.

It seems that Facebook will focus itself on launching Facebook Audience Network as it would close these ads exchange platforms.

IBM will streamline workforce: transition to Cloud Computing and Data Analysis


It is reported that IBM will cut a great amount of jobs this week. IBM cut jobs in April and now the staff reduction plan continues.

IBM refused to reveal the how many employees are involved for this staff reduction plan. According to the estimation of Toni Sacconaghi from Sanford Bernstein, there will be 14,000 employees involved.

IBM’s revenue kept declining in the past four years. The popularity of cloud computing service threatens its software and service business. IBM claimed that the company will reorganize the teams aim at the cloud computing service and data analysis. It might recruit the same quantity of new employees by the end of this year.

IBM claimed on last Friday that there were 20,000 vacancies at present. And two of IBM employees revealed that the internel search tool listed 7,000 -8,000 open positions. While IBM cut under 5,000 job positions in March during the last staff reduction plan.

One of employees who was involved in the job cut claimed the process of project did not meet the expectation, it affected the revenue much than the company thought.

The staff reduction plan will mainly encounter in North Carolina, New York city, Poughkeepsie, Boulder of Colorado. Some of job positions will be transfered to India and Costa Rica.

IBM announced to shut down Somers campus in New York State and transfer the related job positions to North Castle.

Intel received half of iPhone 7 base band orders?

According to the confirmed source from Taiwan supplier chains, Intel will be responsible for half of modem chips for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The estimated time of delivery for these two iPhone devices will be in September.


The source claimed that Intel received big base band order from Apple, however, Intel teamed up with TSMC and King Yuan Electronis for processing. The left orders might be finished by Qualcomm.

Intel has been working hard for a long time to be one of supplier for Apple. It established a special team to offer long-term 7360 LTE forApple’s modem chips. Apple also sent a support team to Munich to assist Intel to optimize 7360 LTE.

Steven Mollenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm claimed last month during the conceference call meeting that the company would lose a great part of orders from its major client. The experts assumed that major client would b Apple.

iPhone users might not experience the difference from Intel and Qualcomm as Apple will make sure the quality of components for iPhone 7 series concerning battery life and internet connection speed.

Apple made orders for processor of iPhone 6s from TSMC and Samsung. The users tested that the battery life which applied the TSMC processor was better than the one applied Samsung’s. Apple had to make announcement to respond the news concerning A9 processor performance. It existed the battery life difference, but it was only about 2%-3% difference.

DigiTimes reported that the major suppliers of iPhone 7 will plan to deliver goods in September to make sure the new iPhone devices arrive the market in time.

The assembly work of 4.7 inch iPhone 7 will be done by Foxconn and Pega Design. While the assembly work of 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus will be finished by Foxconn and Wistron.

Google will further block Flash

Google’s new policy will accelerate the retirement of Flash. Quoted the news from Chromium developer forum, Google is planning to block the Flash plug-in on Chrome browser.


Anthony La Forge, one of the Chromium developer described that the project is called HTML 5 by Default will be accomplished by the end of this year. Then Chrome browser will stop loading the Flash plug-in. If the website supports HTML 5, Chrome will display the HTML player by default.

Chrome browser is still displaying Flash plug-in. When users open the web page with Flash player, it will pop up a message to ask users if they need to reload the information.

To decrease its affect to users, Chrome will offer a whitelist concerning popular websites for one year validity, including YouTube, Facebook and Yahoo.

Anthony La Forge claimed that Flash has been an important media for online videos. Now HTML 5 offers better experience in some occasions to fasten the reloading and decrease power dissipation.

Flash has been the key role that hackers attacked. In past November, Recorded Future reported that Flash became the preferred target that hackers attacked. During the top 10 loopholes, Falsh loophole ranked in 8th. Foxfire once forbade using Flash on its website due to the loophole issue.

Google once deleted all of the Flash ads on Google browser due to the power dissipation of Flash in last June. Then it applied the AI algorithm to forbide the Flash ads by default so that to extend users’ battery life.

YouTube applied the HTML5 to replace Flash since last January. Facebook announced to wipe out Flash in last December. Flash is knocking out by the main stream websites.

Google’s new plan concerning the deletion of Flash will force more main stream websites to apply HTML5.

Google Cardboard starts to explore the international market


Google Cardboards available for oversea consumers that live out of United States from May 12.

In the past, consumers can only get access to Cardboard via the electronic product exhibitions promotions to specified institutes. In this February, Google announced to sell the Cardboard via the Google Store in US.

From May 12, consumers who are from U.k., France, Germany and Canada could purchase the Cardboard via Google Store directly.

In Canada, it charges each Carboard at $20, and $35 for two. In France and Germany, each of Cardboard is selling at 20 Euro and two of Cardboard are 30 Euro. Each of Cardbard is £15, each of them are £25. While it only sells $ 15 for each Cardboard in US.

It is worth noting that Google will only sell the first version of Cardboard instead of the update C1 or View-Master that made by the cooperation with Mattel.

It is not clear whether Google could attract more consumers by selling Cardboardat Google Store directly. Many of VR fans might have purchased this Cardboard from other marketing channels.

So far, Google has distributed millions of Cardboards. In 2015, Google offered 1 million free Cardboards to New York Times subscribers.

As it is a beginner VR product, Cardboad’s user experience is under Oculus Rift’s. Users have to connect the Cardboard with smartphones. It is compatible with most smartphones that are under 6.0 inch.

Is that true Facebook will streamline workforce?

Facebook’s revenue increased by 50% contributed to its advertising income in Q1. Why does it streamline workforce as its profit and revenue in Q1 reached the expectation?


It received $5.38 billion in revenue in Q1, increased by 52% yoy. Its net profit growth increased by double, up to $1.51 billion. However, Business Insider reported that 40 employees were acknowledged a few days before it revealed the earnings report to make position adjustment in 45 days or get fired.

Why Facebook wants to streamline workface as it performed well business. The notice was made by Facebook Media Advertising technology team that just established for a while. Its business includes Facebook Audience Network, LiveRail and Instant Articles.

The job transfer involves in LiveRail team. Facebook considered LiveRail has great potential in mobile devices. It acquired LiveRail between $400 million and $500 million in 2014.

LiveRail was the most important advertising platform for online videos and focused on the business of advertisers. It helped the video advertisers to manage the ads storage and embedded the proper ads to increase its popularity. Its former CEO Mark Trefgarne left Facebook on last month.

The spokesman told Business Insider that it kept negotiating with the internal managers whether to ends the unprofitable departments or improve its service in the past few months.

The previous report made in March indicated that the mode of acquisition for Retail was different from its schedule.

Advertising Product marketing vice president Brian Boland admitted that Facebook spent as much time to integrated as it expected.

By 2016, Facebook transferred all LiveRail engineers to its London office. LiveRail were integrated to a part of new media advertising technology team.

The products reply on LiveRail platform will be eliminated. The clerks who are responsible for account management and sales will lose jobs. But it doesn’t mean LiveRail will be weeded out.

ESA survey: about 40% of U.S. players plan to purchase VR in one year

Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced the annual report concerning game industry. The report revealed the key trends of American game industry.


According to the investigation of ESA, about 40% of American players claimed they might to purchase VR devices in one year. Some experts assumed VR is just a marketing hype and its development might be slow. However, some institutions feel VR has great potential. Digi-Capital predicted that VR will enter into a business scope of $ 30 billion by 2020.

ESA claimed that 55% of senior players are familiar with VR devices, and among 58% of them are keen on playing games on VR.

Report stated that there is at least one game player among 63% of American families. Each family averages 1.7 game player and 65% of American families have devices for playing games.Only about 48% of American families purchased the specialized game consoles.

The average age of American game players are at 35 years old. Their averaged age to started playing games were 13 years old. The average age of female players are at 44, while the male players are at 35. The female players above 18 years old only account for 31%, while minor male players account for 17%.

In 2015, game players consumed $23.5 billion on games, hardware and components. The turnover of PC and Console software were $16.5 billion.

The statistics marked that 56% of interviewees play games on PC, 53% play games via consoles and 36% play games on mobiles. Among the senior players, 54% of them play games with others.

The most popular games in 2015 were Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and The Sims 4.