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Apple Watch welomed its first birthday


Apple Watch welcomed its first birthday last Sunday. It only came to the public for one year and its shipments were twice as many as iPhone that being released in the same period. However, its market performance is a bit disappointed.

Apple is supposed to release its Q2 earning report this Tuesday. The performance of Apple Watch is important to Apple. When iPhone shipments declined, Apple Watch became the newly succession since iPad. It is the key to test whether Apple has creativity or not during Tim Cook’s tenure.

Until now, Apple Watch’s shipments keep stable and Apple doesn’t reveal its related information. The analysts predicted the shipments of Apple Watch reached 12 million units for the first year it came to the public. Calculating with $500 for each Apple Watch, this device brought $ 6 billion revenue for Apple. It was almost three times as much as Fitbit made.

There are also negative opinions for Apple Watch since its release. Fred Wilson, co-founder of Union Square Ventures claimed Apple Watch was a failure in last December. He once predicted Apple Watch won’t be as successful as iPad, iPhone and iPod did.

The biggest challenge of Apple Watch is lack of featured function. Joshua Stein found it runs slowly when Apple Watch is being operated and it is inconvenient to charge the battery.

J.P. Gownder, analyst works at Forrester Research claimed Apple Watch is still unpractical at present. Apple should make it an indispensable one for consumers.

Apple Watch also obtains some royal fans. According to a survey did by Wristly, 93% of 1150 interviewees claimed they are satisfied with Apple Watch.

Toni Sacconaghi, analyst at Bernstein Research predicted Apple would sell 12 million Apple Watches in its first year, selling at average of $ 500. While Above Avalon assumed it would sell 13 million sets, selling at average of $450.

Line is going to launch Chatbot to rival FB and Wechat

It seems that chatbot becomes famous overnight in international mobile chatting industry. It made a great hit among the app manufacturers. Microsoft, Facebook and Wechat have already launched relative chatbots. According to UK Financial Times’ report, the popular chatting tool Lin in Asia-Pacific region is going to launch chatbot as well.


It is reported that Line is working with the relative research and development to rival Facebook and Wechat.

CEO Takeshi Idezawa claimed that Line might be at a disadvantage position to launch chatbot. Some of its rivals have been followed by the medium in the recent weeks. However, Line will make all converted efforts to welcome its next intelligent communication tool.

He told Financial Times that Line has potentiality to challenge the mobile chatting app operators based on its asset and human resource.

The chatting service of Line was originated from Japanese market and has been permeated in Japan,Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. It doesn’t threaten Line’s market a lot as Facebook launched the chatbot. Line’s biggest rival is Wechat that subordinates to Tencent.

Wechat obtained 650 million users around the world while Line just got 215 million monthly active users so far. Some analysts feel negative to Line’s business expansion ability due to its smaller users group.

Neha Dharia claimed its additional service of Line are excellent, however, all of them have localized limitation.

Facebook released chatbot at F8 conference. Microsoft is launching a chatbot called Tay at the moment. Tay targets on the youth group range from 18 to 24 years.

YouTube introduced Foundry talents plan to attract more musicians

It is reported that YouTube introduced the talents plan named by Foundry to improve the intense relations between artists and firms so that to import more popular contents to its website.


YouTube claimed that the firm has established Los Angeles studio and London Studio to cooperate with musicians. The studios aim at teaching musicians how to make full use of YouTube website. By the end of this month, YouTube New York studio will come into service. It signed contact with BJ the Chicago Kid. From next week, the musical works that recorded by those studios will be uploaded to YouTube.

According to the confirmed source, YouTube senior officers started meeting the professions in music industry a few weeks ago. YouTube stated how to populate musicians and put more of exclusive contents on YouTube.

YouTube wishes to attract more potential subscribers as Spotify and Apple Music do. They all hired expert officer or famous singers to obtain more subscribers. To YouTube, music takes up over 30% of its whole traffic. It trained Justin Bieber and Pentatonix.

Foundry is a new effort that YouTube attempts to attract more people use its service by musicians. YouTube will mainly promote its Foundry artists by availing of its musical app.

YouTube has financed and trained PewDiePie, Lilly Singh and the Fine Brothers.

To encourage more artists to be Foundry artists, YouTube promised it will offer more chances to them, such as acting online tv shows.

Instagram may contribute a lot for Facebook’s revenue increase

Instagram API was open to the public last summer. A great amount of advertisers avail of this platform to advertise their products.

There were 98 advertisers among the top 100 advertisers on Facebook advertising on Instagram at the same time in last Q4. Instagram announced its active advertisers increased to 200,000 in six months.

There is no doubt that Instagram would contribute revenue and profit increase for Facebook’s future.

Facebook revealed its last Q4 revenue and its profit was beyond the analyst expectation. It received 2% of advertising revenue increase for each advertiser, up to 37% in last Q4. However, it suffered great decline for advertising revenue in last Q3.

Facebook made adjustment for its offside adversting bar which led to great increase for its average advertised price. Facebook’s impression started increasing from last Q4, Instagram may be an important element for Facebook expression increase. According to Brand Networks statistics, the expression of Instagram received rapid increase in last Q4.

The analyst predicted the average Q1 revenue for Facebook was $5.07 billion or 97 % of its revenue came from advertising business.

If Instagram advertising growth could stimulate the increase of Facebook expression, then Instagram adversiting rates will be increased by 16.5 % to 19%. Taking the seasonal elements into consideration, the increase of advertising rates in Q1 might be decline a bit in Q4. Instagram has strong capacity of advertising growth, the increase of expression sounds reasonable.

Instagram maybe the element to stimulate Facebook’s performance and share price rise though analysts have higher expectation for Facebook.

Top 5 iPhone applications named by Apple

There are over one million iPhone applications at App Store now. Apple ranked the top 10 iPhone applications for users based on different functions. Here comes with the top 5 devices for reference:

No. 1 VSCO: make excellent photos for Instagram users

If you wish to take excellent photos with iPhone, VSCO works best with decades of filters. It offers more editing features as each of its filters is designed to work as old filming camera. VSCO syncs with cloud service for free and uploads the photos to VSCO Grid account.

No. 2 BuzzFeed Video: integrated with all BuzzFeed Videos

This app focuses on BuzzFeed Video. It was released in February to allow users to watch all of its videos at one place. With the help of BuzzFeed Video, users are able to watch Tasty, The Try Guys and Broke shows as well as other popular videos.

No3. 1Password: to make sure account security

1Password is the best application to manage web login and sensitive information. It has friendly interface and is able to be logged in any devices, such as laptop, smartphone or even Apple Watch. When you browse with Safari and Chrome, 1Password will be generated secure passwords.
No.4 MSQRD: face-swipe by adding real-time dynamic motions

Users could use the MSQRD to edit the funny face-swipe by using selfie camera on smartphone. They are able to share those face-swipe on social networking platforms. It was required by Facebook.

No. 5 Venmo: it helps you repay bills with ease when you have no available cash

Venmo synchronizes with users checking account or debit card trading. It allows you pay dinner or rental to friends. Venmo is considered as the mini social networking app. Users are able to view the funny emojis who were communicating for mutual payment.
Users could download the mentioned apps for a try if they have never experienced them.

iPhone SE is sold at about $ 600 in India

iPhone SE is available in many countries now. The medium and analysts assumed China and India as its biggest markets for iPhone SE. Apple wishes to stimulate more sales with lowest price.


However, Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is supposed to set its selling price at $600 due to the affect of tax rate and commission fees that Agents charge.

It did not make great hit in Japan due to the report of local medium. More consumers are waiting for the new generation of iPhone which will be released in autumn.

iPhone SE will be released in India this Friday. Its selling price is set at about $586. Apple sells the starter edition at $ 430, including tax in US. Its price is 36% higher than American’s selling price.

The Wall Street Journal indicated that it is hard for iPhone SE to make excellent performance in India at such price.

The Chinese smartphone market share tends to be saturation. Apple explores more business in Indian market now. It sold 1.9 million iPhones in India last year. According to the IDC data, Apple iPhone only accounts for 2% of Indian smartphone market. Apple has obtained 14% of global user share for iPhones.

To Indians, they prefer to larger screen cellphones. Some Chinese brands are more popular in India. And the selling price of iPhone 6 is even cheaper than iPhone SE. It might happen that Apple iPhones compete with each other there.

According to the statistics, the average selling price of Indian smartphones are $200. It seems hard for Apple to reduce the selling price of iPhone SE in Indian market at present. It set iPhone 6S at $ 960 in India when it was released and it only sold $650 in US.

Apple did not operate any App Store or official online shops in India yet. It has submitted documents to the local government for opening retail shops there. We will see how far iPhone SE goes in India.

The competition between Snapchat and Facebook becomes intense

The competition becomes intense between Snapchat and Facebook in messaging app field. They make all concerted efforts to make dominant position in this field and obtain more profits.

Facebook just acquired Masquerade last month. Its MSQRD technology looks familiar with Snapchat’s filtering feature. Snapchat acquired Bitstrips to fight back Facebook’s expansion. Bitstrips is the developer of popular app Bitmojis.

Besides acquiring promising apps, Snapchat and Facebook also innovated its measures to strengthen their competitiveness. Snapchat reorganized and innovated the chatting patterns recently. It learned the best methods and features from Facebook Messengers and modified its unique features.

Snapchat has become a threat to Facebook’s development no matter in users growth or advertisers growth.

They both attempt to attract more users. They both claimed that their video traffic reach 8 billion times each day.

Snapchat has been promoting Live Stories service which offers various worldwide videos. In addition, it also promotes Discover section service. Facebook has been trying to expand its video service by messaging service.

Advertising section is also an important part that they compete. They are trying to attract more users by posting ads or track more potential users according to their visits.

Innovation and creativity will be the more important elements for attracting more users in an ad.

Actually, the total users of Facebook is several times larger than Snapchat’s. It is possible that Facebook has more chances to post ads by messaging. However, the ads need to be noticed by users. Snapchat does a resistance for Facebook’s development.

How much severance payment will Mayer get if Yahoo is sold


It is reported that Yahoo is meeting the potential acquiring firms and requesting them to make offers concerning its cord business sections by the middle of April. Some experts analyzed that its current CEO Mayer will be fired as she failed to revival Yahoo in the past three years. It will be her best option to sell Yahoo’s core assets for her resignation.

CNNMoney reported that Mayer is offered by Golden Parachute term in accordance with the employment agreement she signed. As Yahoo share decreases rapidly, her severance payment sounds flat.

Some medium analyzed the related Yahoo financial documents and found that she could get $ 36.1 million severance payment and other stock compensation if she had resigned in December, 2014. If she had resigned within one year after selling Yahoo core assets then, she could get up to $157.9 million severance payment.

To the board of directors, they will pay Mayer fewer if she is fired. If Mayer is fired after selling its core assets, she will get three years’ salaries ($3 million), about $9.5 million’s stock bonus which will be cashed in 2016 and $24.5 million other bonus. Its total severance payment will be up to $37 million.

If she gets fired before selling its core assets, she will get $12.5 million severance payment and $9.5 million stock bonus that is cased in 2016.

Mayer was appointed as Yahoo’s CEO in July, 2012. Yahoo offered her enrich stock award and was promised during her term. Till now, most of her stock bonus have been cashed, going to her personal fortunate.

Mayer failed to revival Yahoo’s business in the past three years. Her capacity let Wall Street and investors down. Yahoo stock decreased by about one quarter in the past 12 months. Its shareholders and investors are unsatisfied with Mayer’s leadership.

The generous salary and bonus that Mayer enjoys is one of the reasons that its shareholders and investors protest. She was deducted for $ 13 million payment as the poor performance in 2014. However, she still got $ 42 million payment then.