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Windows 10 mobile accounts nearly for 10 % in Windows Phone devices

AdDuplex released the latest statistics showing that portion of Windows 10 Mobile increased to 9.5%.

The bad news for Windows Phone 7.x that it declined 0.5%. But it still accounts for 4.3% of the market share. Windows phone 8.0 shared 8.4% market share. What is more, Windows Phone 8.1 dominates the market as it reached 77.7% share.


The increase of Windows 10 Mobile share contributes to the release of pre-installed Windows 10 Mobile operating system devices.

Its growth rate did not make a big difference in comparison with last month. It increased by 0.7%. It is known as that Windows 10 Mobile previous Ring Growths were 1.3% and 1.8%. It slows down its explored speed for Windows 10 Mobile.

Speaking to the OEM manufacturers, Windows Phone that launched by Microsoft and Nokia obtained that market share of 96.96%. Besides, HTC, Samsung, BLU and Huawei also contribute to Windows Phone OS. HTC accounts for 1.21%, Samsung 0.95% BLU 0.27% and Huawei 0.26%.

Microsoft seemed to attract more popular phone brands to use Windows 10 Mobile OS to promote its WP ecosystem. However, the result did not seem so positive. It takes time for a new object accepted by the public.

AdDuplex also revealed that Nokia Lumia 520 is the best seller of Windows Phone in the world, accounting for 12.9%. Miscrosoft Lumia 535 accounts for 11.7%. Microsoft Lumia 640XL and Nokia Lumia 920 only account for respectively 3.3% and 3%.

Twitter share decreased by more 4% as the senior officers’ resignation

Twitter’s share suffered a great decrease on Monday as the reveal of five senior officers would resign. Its share closed at $17.02, decreased by 4.6%.


Jack Dorsey announced on late of Sunday that its product officer Kevin Weil, engineering manager Alex Roetter and media officer Katie, Jacobs Stanton would leave the company soon. His reveal confirmed the previous news related their resignations.

Dorsey claimed that the statement was to verify the rumors in order to avoid the misleadings by the public medium. He did not mentioned Jason Toff, the Vine product officer. It is reported that Toff is among those senior officers who will leave the company. However, Dorsey confirmed that Brian Schipper, the vice president of Human Resource would resign as well.

BusinessInsider confirmed that Twitter will appoint two new directors, one of them is the famous figure in the media industry.Twitter experienced a hard time in the past few months. Its share keep decreasing since Dorsey took up the post of CEO. It only recovered a bit last week since it encountered the bottom low. The reason for this lightly increase was revealed that News Corp would acquire Twitter. It confirmed that the news was rumor.

It had difficulty for its share to be added value as it met pressure to keep user sustainable growth.

Its share and market value kept felling result in the guess of acquisition by the public.

Apple Watch obtained 52% worldwide market share in wearable industry

CNBC reported that Apple Watch has explored some promising markets in the wearable industry. But the analysts still wonder whether the wearable industry could be well-developed in a long term.

Apple launched Apple Watch in April, 2015 due to the saturation of smartphone market. Apple aimed to obtain more development motives with launching Apple Watch. It teamed up with Samsung to launch the first generation smart watch in 2013 before it stepped into the wearable industry.

According to the latest Juniper report, Apple Watch obtained 52% market share in the worldwide smart watch shipments.

It is reported that Apple Watch is more popular than Samsung Android Wear. Android Wear obtained less than 10% market share among the worldwide smart watch shipments. The other smart watches are from small-sized publishers, such as Martian, X and Razer. Razer has just released its newest product called Nabu Watch.

Smart watch is a hot topic for 2015. Many people feel it is unnecessary to buy the smart watch as smart phone or fitness device share the similar functions.

Juniper report implied that it still takes time to popularize smart watch in such emerging industry.

IDC statistcs showed Pebble smart watch ranked 2nd, accounting for 8% of market share. “It is not surprised that Apple obtained so much market share as Apple did a great job to promote Apple Watch,” said Francisco Jeronimo, the chief director of IDC European mobile device division.

He added:” The other publishers have not did enough promotions concern their smart watches. ”

He is unsure the value of Apple Watch, so were the analysts . He felt Apple Pay may attract more attentions than Apple Watch .

Twitter share decline to a new low due to cancellation of 140 characters limit

In order to attract more users, Twitter plans to cancel 140 characters limit so that they could post longer blogs. Such plan caused negative results from its existing users and investors.

Its share declined obviously on Jan 8, down to a new low. It was the first time that its share price was under $ 20.

Twitter’s share declined $0.28, the range of a price drop was 1.38%, closing at $19.98, according to the data from New York Stock Exchange. Its share kept declining in after- hours trading. Twitter’s market value is under $ 1.4 billion due to the decline of its share price.

Twitter planned to cancel the Tweets limit, leading to the decline of share price. It is reported that the characters might be added to 10 thousands characters. The plan might take effect by March.

Dorsey confirmed such rumor on his blog that the company was planning to cancel the 140 characters Tweets limit.

Twitter attracted many applications and service providers in virtue of API. They enriched Twitter’s functions. Twitter closed down the API to its third-party providers four years ago and launched more official services to replace API. Since then its share price started declining.

The management group, WallStreet and investors concern how Twitter retains its existing users and attract new users. Dorsey keeps upgrading its products when he works as CEO. He launched Moments service.

Twitter’s user growth seemed flat in 2015. In the meanwhile, Facebook and Instagram keep obtaining more users.

The WallStreet analysts indicated that Twitter’s products are hard and complicated to handle, with a lots of weird symbols. It seems hard to attract more new users. They need to be modified.

Oculus Rift available to preorder, selling at $599

Oculus announced today that the selling price of Oculus Rift is $599 and it will start delivering from March 28.


Oculus stated booking of Oculus Rift started on Wednesday a few days ago. The public has been waiting for more details from Oculus concerned Oculus Rift. Oculus sent free Oculus Rift to its Kickstarter supporters. The other consumers need to preorder Oculus Rift online.

The first around for pre-ordering is available in Ireland, Belgium, Iceland, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Spain, UK, Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, Japan and Taiwan. Oculus Rift is configured with Xbox One controller, an external tracking camera and Oculus Remote controller. The consumers will be able to access the Oculus Touch as an operating device in the latter half of 2016.

Oculus Rift is binding with Lucky’s Tale and Eve: Valkyrie. Palmer Luckey announced on Jan 6 who pre-order Oculus Rift would retain the access to purchase Oculus Touch.

Consumers donsn’t need to pay any fee to preorder Oculus Rift, and they could cancel the orders before delivery. The price of Oculus Rift is beyond the consumers’ prediction. It is twice time expensive than Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Piper Jaffray predicted the price of Rift would be $450 before.

In last May, Palmer Luckey claimed it would cost about $1500 for Rift to run with a PC that is compatible with Rift. Oculus listed some PC that supports Rift on its website, selling about at $1000. So many people predict it would sell Rift at $500.

Samsung reapplied Windows operating system to its iPads

Windows operating system had been ignored for years in the iPad product lines, Samsung finally reapplied Microsoft operating system, reported on Jan 6, 2016.

galaxy tabpro s

Samsung introduced a 12-inch iPad called Galaxy Tab S at CES of Las Vegas on Tuesday. This iPad is installed with Windows 10 operating system instead of Android OS as it did before.

“It was a wise choice to team up with Microsoft when we were launching Galaxy Tab Pro S. Galaxy TabPro S will be the most thinnest and lightest two-in-one iPad in the market.” Said Alanna Cotton, the vice president of product marketing in United States.

Galaxy TabPro S configured Intel Core M processor. It is compatible with full-size,dismountable key board shell and full-HD display. In fact, Galaxy Tab S sounds like the copy of Microsoft Surface 4. To Microsoft, it is a positive phenomenon as its product designs are imitated. Microsoft has been working hard to improve its designs.

In the past few years, Samsung productscopycatted Apple products’ designs. This time, it choose to imitate Microsoft products. Galaxy Tab S also configured the power-saving AMOLED display with 2160 x 1440 pixel. Its battery can last for 10 and a half hours.

Galaxy Tab S is the first Windows product that named Galaxy. Galaxy series kept using Google Android OS before. Android was one of the arguments between Samsung and Microsoft. Microsoft pursued for Samsung concerned using Android OS in 2014 and the case was closed in last Feb.

Samsung claimed it will release Galaxy Tab Pro S in Feb, 2016. The specific details concerned Galaxy TabPro S is not being revealed yet.

Apple might launch VR/AR products in 2016

The Virtual Reality field developed quicker in 2015. There are more and more internet giants come down to the Virtual Reality field.


Even though Apple did not announce to march into the Virtual Reality field, it has already applied for the patents in relate to the Virtual Reality field. In the meanwhile, Apple acquired some companies in such field. Some analysts predicted that Apple would carry out measures for developing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology..

Daniel Ives, the analyst from FBR told the investors this week, he predicted that Apple would positively develop the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology in 2016. In his opinion, Virtual and Augmented Reality is a natural process that consumers pursue. Those technology is a perfect match with iPhone ecosystem.

Apple acquired a Germany company named Metaio in May, 2015. Metaio once teamed up with Microsoft Xbox 360 to launch PrimeSense , the first generation of Kindle’s hardware.

In the meanwhile, Apple owns several patents that over several Augemented Reality application. Its patents technology involve in transparent display, mobile mapping solution, iPhone drive virtual display and so on. One of the patents is a smartphone that described to recognize objects by using Computer Vision.

iPhone users benefit from Google paperboard projects to apply the Virtual Reality technology. Such project turns a cell phone into a cheap and simple device to the Virtual Reality applications on App Store.