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Facebook Free Basics encountered failure in Egypt

As AP reported, Facebook Free Basics met its Waterloo in Egypt after it shut down this service in India.

Free Basics is a part of plans that Facebook to popularize network in developing countries. It allows users to freely access to Facebook and some other websites, some superintendents and activists feel it violated Network Neutrality.

free basics

The websites which could be accessed to freely were limited. The opponents felt those websites were selected by Facebook and was unfair to other websites.

Two months ago, Facebook teamed up with Etisalat Egypt to promote Free Basics. The statistics showed, there were about 3 million Egyptians to login the internet with this service during that two months.

Facebook made an statement that” We are disappointed that Free Basics was in failure in Egypt.”

We are not clear for the the reason why Free Basics was shut down in Egypt yet as this order was not from telecommunication administration department.

Mark Zuckerberg attempted to clear the charge that Free Basics violated Network Neutrality. Facebook did not charge the selected websites and their service were free.

Zuckerberg claimed that Free Basics was an open platform which could be teamed up with any operators to promote the free network. Shutting down Free Basics was to deprive the public’s option as it did not violate the Network Neutrality.

Survey: 9,000 Englishmen still use black and white televisions

Fifty years ago, the BBC broadcasted Wimbledon championship with color for the first time. It was a few week in advance of Germany. It started the the era of color television since then.

When many people guess the black and white television has disappeared in UK, The Daily Telegraph reported a series statistics provided by the charging body of BBC which was impressed. The statistics showed there are still 9,000 families using the black and white televisions, in which London district accounts for most of the users.

Among the statistics, the usage rate of black and white television accounts for the highest in outer Hebrides, Harris and Lewis district which locate in the northwest waters of Scotland. There is still 16% of population using the black and white television.

” The reason for that the usage rate is highest in those regions is the elder people account for a great proportion, said Ian Fordham, the chairman of Travel Industry Association of outer Hebrides.”

The expert analyzed the reasons why there are still users viewing the black and white television. One of the reason is the black and white television costs fewer, about one third of color television’s.

Another reason is that the charging gap of charging bodies in different districts. It might exist the fraudulent conduct in some remote districts.

What’s more, the elder people prefer the black and white television in a conservative concept.

It took ten years that the color television users are more than the black and white television’s. It needs some more time to completely obsolete the black and white television in UK even though its users decrease by 20% each year.

Nielsen report: Microsoft WP by market share is under 3%

Nielsen statistics of the third quarter smartphone operating systems by market share showed that Android operating system accounted for 52.6%, iOS accounted for 42.7% while Microsoft WP only accounted for 2.8%.


Blackbaerry accounted for 0.7%, and the rest was for other smartphone operating systems, accounting for 1.2%.

The statistics just collected the figures from July to September that it excluded the market share of Windows 10 Mobile.
Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL as Microsoft’s brand-new and high-end products, the next statistics of Microsoft market share will take them into consideration.

Digitimes Research released the third quarter smartphone report a few days ago, it claimed that the shipment quantity of Samsung and Apple smartphones added up to 40%, respectively come as 25.6% and 14.5%. Huawei’s shipment quantity was 7.4%, Lenovo 4.8%, LG 4.55 and Xiaomi 3.8%.

Android obtains a promising market share. Apple ranked as second with the help of excellent iPhone sales. It reported some analysts readjusted the prediction for the four quarter of iPhone shipment quantity.

Blackberry encountered waterloo even though it officially announced on its earnings that Priv made a great hit and many of its stores were out of stock. It was paradoxical as Blackberry did not reveal the specific figures now that it sold well.

Some analysts assumed Priv did not meet the prediction of Blackberry. Its sales volume for the current season did not perform as good as predicted. It might just sell about 700,000 units of Priv.

900 million users test WhatsApp video chat to rival FaceTime

Apple FaceTime is a popular video chat service on iOS devices. It is reported that such service will have a strong rival as WhatsApp is now testing its video chat service.

A German blog website Macerkopf that pays attention to Apple news released a screen-shot which indicated WhatsApp is testing video chat, reported British Daily Mail on December 24.


The screen-shot showed that the WhatsApp users can accept the video chat request, and the mobile built-in camera will work as a recorder during the chatting.

WhatsApp doesn’t confirm this news yet. It is said that the interface of screen-shot looks familiar with WhatsApp’s. According to the confirmed source, WhatsAPP might test such service in a small scale and introduce it to more countries and regions when it becomes stable.

WhatsApp is the biggest mobile chatting too in the world. Its active users obtained 900 million in September. Its users are all over the world, especially from English speaking countries.

WhatsApp is popular on Andriod and iOS mainstream platforms. If it introduces video chat service, it could be a strong rival to Apple FaceTime.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp at $22 billion in 2014, which was the biggest acquisition in networking history. Facebook has another mobile chatting serivce Messenger. It obtained over 700 million users.

WhatsApp develops independently after the acquisition. WhatsApp launched free voice chat service in the early of 2015 to rival Microsoft. Its voice chat is easy to use and welcome by the public.

Apple Pay will be introduced in China, supporting the mainstream banks

It is confirmed that Apple Pay will be brought in China next year. This service is mainly working with UnionPay. Apple released the cooperated banks, E-business merchants and the supported devices on its official website.


The domestic trading transaction mode of Apple Pay is the same as it does in abroad. It realizes the transaction via NFC and TouchID on iPhone, while it only needs a light swipe on Apple Watch.

It was reported that Apple Pay won’t store the users’ banking details. Apple confirmed and indicated that the transaction of Apple Pay will be done via the cloud server. It only requires users to confirm the password and trading. If users lose their device, they could disable the Apple Pay via the search function.

Apple Pay teamed up with the four nationalized banks and 15 mainstream commercial banks in China. Users can add the supported bank cards into iPhone Wallet. It connects to Apple Pay.

Users can use Apple Pay to pay on those retail stores marked with UnionPay, Quick Pass, and Apple Pay., and support Apple Pay.

Users can apply Apple Pay on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus. Or they can match with Apple Watch to apply Apple Pay on iPhone 5 or onwards besides these four devices. In terms of iPad, users can apply Apple Pay on iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iPad mini3.

Amazon plans to rent 20 aircrafts to develop airfreight business

According to the report of Seattle Times, Amazon might rent at least 20 air crafts to develop its airfreight business in United States.


It is said that Amazon is negotiating with Boeing CO. concerns the renting of at least 20 Boeing 767 cargo air crafts.

Amazon aims to build a airfreight business which will be responsible for USPS, FedEx and UPS business and decrease the risk of delay delivery. The delay delivery is one of the important issue for holiday shopping boom season.

Amazon doesn’t make any comment on this news.

It was reported that Amazon was going to build its logistics and forwarding business before. It tried hard to cut the transporting cost while building the inside cargo division could help itself decrease the transporting expenses.

Vice reported last month that Amazon might test its airfreight business in Ohio. And Dv Velocity reported in October that it hired a classified head-hunting company to seek a senior manager who is expert in the logistics field.

ChannelAdvisor revealed the international logistics distribution of Amazon was increased before they reported the above news. It seemed that Amazon was accounting the bills. It planned to cut logistics distribution of third-party operators for UPS and FedEx that Prime service are most popular.

What’s more, Amazon reportedly purchased thousands of trailers early this month. It started testing the internal cargo business in some regions.

However, it costs Amazon much to build the airfreight business. Seattle Times indicated that the rental for each Boeing 767 will charge at least $600,000 each month, while the rental for a second-hand aircraft will charge at least $ 300,000.


Microsoft Surface online sales did better than Apple iPad in October

It is reported that the sales performance of Surface did better than Apple iPad in October. Apple iPad seemed to be most popular tablet in the current market. However, Microsoft took advantages of Surface to fight back.


1010data Ecom Insights Panel did survey for American top 100 online retailers who nearly sweep up 95% online order business. According to the data, Microsoft Surface became the most popular online tablet in October, accounting for 45% of all online tablet sales performance.

However, Apple iPad sales performance only accounted for 17% in October. It was the first time it lost the first place this year.

October was the key month for Microsoft, especially it held the release for Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and Lumia 950 series on October 6. It displayed the potential development space for Windows 10 OS as well.

Microsoft made full use of Surface brand effect to obtain more market share. In face, the prices for Microsoft devices are expensive than its rivals, however, the sales performance of Microsoft products are at an all-time high in October.

Another report indicated that Microsoft made apologies to the public for the imperfect experience of Surface series. It is said that the Surface iPad encountered screen flicker and the failure of sleep mode. The launch team will collect more advices and suggestions from the public to modify its products.

Google Pay Music offers discount package to rival Apple Music

Apple developed its music business a bit late in the unlimited access market, so it only charges $15 for family members each month. It was the lowest price that ever offered. The public assumed it will cause negetaive competition in this industry.

google play music
As reported, Google announced days ago that it would offer new family package, up to 6 family members, charging $14.99/ month.

In the global music streaming market, the price for individual month payment tends to be the same. That is, a person pay $10 or €10 each month. But Apple and other providers offer localized low prices in the developing countries, such as China and India.

There is no standard for family monthly payment at present. Apple Music offered up to 6 family members at $15, such discount was unprecedented.

All the providers seem to provide over 30 million songs to access. The major competitive means is price and and access for music experience. Some provides recommend songs due to users’ preferences.

Google Play Music new discount package allows 6 family members to use and enjoy its 35 million songs with no interrupt from Ads.

Google owns two music streaming service, Google Pay and YouTube. It realized the products interconnection, users can also experience the YouTube subscribed service as long as they purchase the Google Play Music family package.

Such Google family package temporarily plans to introduce to American, Canadian, British, Australian, German and French users. It will be released soon.

Apple Music loses lower price advantage as Google Play Music launches the new family package service. The statistics showed that only 40 % of users became the subscribers after the free trail was done. It only obtained 6.5 million subscribers from its latest report which is hard to compete with the music streaming giants.

iPhone Market share declined in European and Amercian markets

CNET reported taht Apple firm’s iPhone market share declined both in European and American markets.

Kantar Worldpanel Comtech reported on Wednesday, iPhone market share decreased by 8.3%, down to 33.6% from August to October.


In the meanwhile, the market share for the phones that use Android OS increased by 9.5%, to 62.8%.

Kantar mentioned that Apple iPhone encountered market share decline in European market as well. It was the first time that iPhone market share declined since August, 2014.

The iPhone market share decreased by 2.2% in France, 1.7% in Italy. In a whole, the Five leading Eureapon countries decreased by 0.6%. The reason why the decline of iPhone market share becomes smaller is that the affect of increase rate of UK and Germany.

iPhone sales volume becomes the major revenue resource of Apple. It is worth noting that if there is fluctuation of its market share. iPhone 6S is just transition product even though it ranks in third in American sales volume list.

Localytics claimed that the consumers do not like the product come with “S”, Apple had to compete with new Android smartphones, such as Galaxy S6, LG, and G4.

Android smartphone obtains more market share in America and Europe. Its market share has been declining since October,2014, and now it realized market share increase in Five leading countries in Europe. It increased by 6% in Italy, and 209% in France.

Dominic Sunnebo from Kantar said:”the decline of Android market share in UK did not go worse in the past three months by October.”

One to One service ends: Apple promotes schedule a session service

Even though One to One service could provide more professional knowledge to users, its subscription fee keeps many consumers away. It charges $99 for subscription each year. Apple plans to end this service now.

Many foreign users found that Apple announced the group training will be ended on December 17 on the login page of One to One service. In the meanwhile, it claimed that a simplify schedule a session webpage will be released on the same date.


Apple Retail stores’ One to One service gradually fades out the market since this September. Its exsiting users can continue to use the One to One service till its vality ends. Apple do not accept new appointments for this service any more.

Apple aimed to help its clients to set and apply Mac computers, iOS devices, and attend the personal or group trainings with the launch of One to One service.

Apple claimed on its official website that:” We will offer free courses of lectures base on different experience levels or even hold the teenager activities which are similar to Apple summer camp. When you buy new Mac or iPad or iPhone, you can register for One to One training to improve your computer skills.”

When the One to One service is ended, Apple will offer larger scale free courses of lectures to replace it in order to attract more clients. The clients can save $99, much time and instructions each year. If you are going to consult about the One to One service at the App Store, its staffs will introduce you the open freely courses of lectures.