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Twitter has plan to end the 140-character limit

It is reported that Twitter would make change for its 140-character limit on general message. The 140-character limit will become its history soon.

According to the report from Recode, Twitter, the social medial giant is now working on the introduction of a product that will end the character restrictions that have become Twitter’s trademark.


Twitter has not made any official statements concern the character restrictions at the moment. Some officials indicate that Jack Dorsey considers the change of character restrictions as a way to bring new challenges to the tech leader.

If it becomes true, this change would respond Twitter’s decision to life the 140-character restriction for private messaging in August.

At that time, its product manager Sachin Agarwal claimed that cutting the messaging limit have no impact on the public side of Twitter.

He implied that the company will enrich Twitter messaging with commentary, photos, videos, links, Vindes , gifs and emoji. With the new features, they will make the Tweets more lovely and diversified.

Twitter made the 140-character limit for its users was initially to be in accordance with SMS messaging compatibility.

Twitter made another major service tweak by allowing some users to sign up for testing on a trial basis earlier this month.

The BBC children’s version of iPlayer will come in 2016

BBC firm would like to launch a new version of iPlayer aimed at children will meet us next year. The firm broadens its online services in order to keep its consumers stay relevant in the digital age. Chilren accounts for a great share of the consumption on entertaments.

The news has been confirmed by BBC Children’s director Alice Webb that the company will release the kid-friendly on-demand feature to Apple and Android mobile devices next year.


The new version of iPlayer being considered as a single, online front-door for children to the wealth of the whole BBC and its trusted partners, according to the descriptions from Director General Tony Hall. The company will update the content exclusively for children as well.

The children will be able to have access to a broader range of content than Cbeedies and CBBC. The service will provide programmes geared towards pre-schoollers and young adolescents alike. They will be able to choose more favorite ones to enjoy.

Tony Hall stated that this service will offer content that will be free of commercial elements. Since they don’t catch those ads, they will not beg their parents for purchasing those goods as ads promoted.

It indicates that the company will give the public more details about the children’s version of iPlayer in the following months. We look forward to its further announcement.

T-Mobile claims the bookings of iPhone 6S increases 30% higher than its predecessor

John Legere, T-Mobile’s American CEO claimed that the bookings of iPhone 6S they received were 30% higher than its predecessor, reported on Tuesday, September 23.

Legere also reported this figure through Twitter. He indicated that T-Mobile will continue to offer special discount service to those American citizens who wish to buy iPhone 6S or its series products.

The existing iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 users will have chances to join a trade-in service for experiencing iPhone 6S. Those existing users only need to pay the montly rental to use the iPhone 6S or its series products. One just need to pay $10 each month for exchanging iPhone 6S with iPhone 5, $5 each month with iPhone 6.

The social Medias do not report much concern iPhone 6S bookings so far. Two days after Apple starting the pre-orders service, Apple claimed that the sales volume of its new iPhone 6S series products would be more than 10 million sets on the first weekend. Its predecessor iPhone 6 came as a record of 10 million sets last year.

To those who wish to buy iPhone 6S on its launch day, the best way is to join the queue out of the retail Apple Stores on Friday. The fans will be able to buy the iPhone 6S at Apple Store, Carriers and third-party authorized retailers.

The market analysts worried about iPhone 6S series products would make a bad start. iPhone 6 series products came as the first larger screen that Apple launched. iPhone 6S sibling products do not make much improvement. It just adds 3D Touch function, using a faster chipset and a camera with higher pixel.

WatchOS 2 finally comes to the public after the bug delay

Because of the its bug issues, Apple delayed the release of watchOS 2 to the public. After severals since Apple announced the delay plan, watchOS is finally introduced to us. Apple offers its download for update now.

Users of the Apple Watch operating on iOS 9 can update its system to watchOS 2 from September 21.


Users just need to open the Apple Watch app if they want to download the update. The update process is simple and easy by clicking through to General and follow the instructions under the Software Update.

WatchOS 2 was supposed to be released on last Wednesday, on September 16, however, the firm put it off at the last minute due to the bug.

Apple technical team found a bug during the test of watchOS 2, however, it took longer time to fix the bug so that it could not catch the scheduled date to release, stating from an Apple spokesperson last week. At first, Apple did not confirm an exact date for its release. Fortunately, it did not let its users wait for too long.

The update version introduces some new features and functions that will allow the existing Apple Watches to apply new third-party apps, offer photo-based backgrounds and run a new Nightstand mode.

Apple still released its iOS 9 as planned last Wednesday even though Apply delayed the release of watchOS 2. They were planned to roll out on the same day.

Facebook features being removed from PS3, Vita and PlayStation TV


Facebook features are being removed from PlayStation 3, Vita and PlayStation TV, according to the official statement from Sony.

Facebook is no more on those consoles. The official app for Vita and the microconsole are going to its expiration, and the features integrated within each of Sony’s consoles are being deleted.

Facebook features have been removed from the PlayStation Store. It is said that its support will be supposed to come to an end by next January. However, Sony claims that  plan changed may be happened due to its follow-on work.

Sony made a statement that Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. will terminate support for Facebook features integrated within the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita systems and Playstation TV by January 2016. The Facebook applications for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV will also be discontinued.

There was evidence to prove this change, users will not able to download the Facebook applications from PlayStation Store from September 15, 2015. Sony made sincerely apologies for this inconvenience that may cause and hopes its customers would understand this situation.

Related news about Facebook’s developing, it is working on a “Dislike” button now that the PS3, Play Vita and PlayStation TV owners have already avail of such similar button.

For more news of games, you can check out the most anticipated games of September.

Barclays adding NFC payments to Android App

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Barclays makes slow movement to introduce support for Apple Pay. Now the bank is launching an NFC payments services for its Android users.

Barclays is adding touchless payments to the Barclaycard app for Android devices. Its customers can use the Android app to spend up to £30 without a pin, while the customers can purchase the goods at cost of £100 with one pin.

With the Barclaycard app for Android, you can buy goods you need even you left your wallet somewhere. It will be not a big deal if one goes out without a wallet in the near future. The Android app’s service inlcude the virtual replacements for lost or stolen cards.

It is reported that Barclays will have this service applied for Android users in November. Obviously, it will face intense competition from Google’s own Android Pay around then.

Back to the previous that Lloyds and Halifax have announced to join the Apply Pay early this week, while Barclays still keeps silence for its stance. There is no sign when it will bring Apply Pay to its users.

Regarding the Barclaycard customers on iOS, Barclays has not made any confirmation whether it will be able to avail of the contactless payments service.

There are several contactless payments services offered, they will be more convenient for customers to make quick payments.

Lloyds and Halifax finally support Apple Pay

It is good news to Lloyds and Halifax customers. They will be able to use Apply Pay for shopping as their banks finally offer Apply Pay support.
To use Apply Pay, you need to store a digital, secure, recreation of your bankcard within your iPhone devices. Apply Pay will hint you to tap your handset against the payment terminals when you make in-store deals. Apple Pay has been introduced to the public for a while and the company keeps expanding its service for more customers.
Apply Pay is a quick, seamless system. The security problem for Apply Pay is ensured by replacing pin numbers with Touch ID-enabled fingerprint authorisation. The customers can feel rested to use it for making deals.
It is also NFC-friendly contactless payment, the customers can speed up their online and app-based transations with a swipe of thumbs  authorizsation payments by using Apple Pay.
It has been confirmed that Lloyds an Halifax now offer Apple Pay service for their customers, reports 9to5Mac.
Apply Pay has been applied by 11 leading UK banks at present. Some of them include Natwest, Nationawide, HSBC, American Express, and Royal Bank of Scotland, while Barclays is still out on the cold. We will see when Barclays break the standoff.

iOS 9 will be released on September 16 for existing iPhone and iPad owners

Forget the new iPhone 6S, you can experience a next-gen smartphone function through transforming your existing iPhone or iPad with the upcomping iOS 9 release.

The iOS 9’s release has confirmed to be on September 16 while iPhone 6S is said to be released on September 25. It is not so long to wait.


The iOS 9 is not limited to the latest smartphones. Its update is compatible with all as long as the earliest of iPads and every Apple-branded smartphones from iPhone 4S onwards.

It adds new features for iOS 9 that will bring always-listening Siri support to the mix with a fleet of new multi-tasking features.

iOS 9 is a serious update, it upgrades security enhancement and battery-boosting tweaks no matter you do Notes access or visit Apple’s new News platform. But it won’t completely overhaul the look of your beloved iDevice.

Apple did not announced an exact time for iOS 9’s release on September 16. Judging from its previoues rolls out, the new iOS 9 will be possibly released at about 5pm BST.

You don’t have to worry about whether you have enough storage for the update as Apple has put iOS 9 into a smaller size, lining up just1.3GB in size, while its previously update offered the 4.58GB.

How often you check your mobile device?

It has been reported that Britian is a nation of compulisive smartphone checkers. The statistics indicate if you check your mobile device more that 27 times a day, you are above average.

The survey was done by Deloitte. It concluded the British people check their mobiles 1.1 billion times a day and 400 billion times a year between them.


Over one third of the people whoe participated the survey check their handsets more than 25 times each day. Among them one sixth of people use smartphones and they look at the phones more than twice as much as the ordinary mobile handset users so that driving up the average. Some people may addict to checking mobile handset. They may need help.

Paull Lee, Deloitte’s head of technology, media and telecoms research, addressing that the smartphone which is modern, touchscreen-based and less than 10 years old, it plays a more important role in our lives.

The publishers has been working hard on the technological improvements that allowing the users to apply more apps or functions to their phones, such as browsing websites, catalogues or making deals via their phones.

The more you look at your mobile device, the shorter of its lifetime you can use. If you check your smartphone 50 times or more each day, you may just keep it for two years.

It is reported that most of the British people use the smartphones to check the public transport, however, one third of the surveyed people claimed to check phones during a meal.

There is a great amount of young peole ranging from 18- 24 years old love to check their phones even when they are acrossing a road.

Samsung’s latest SleepSense monitors your sleeping

Samsung’s latest SleepSense is set beneath your mattress and detects you sleep, does it sound crazy?

SleepSense is a sleep monitor that detects your sleeping patterns and sends the data back to a companion smartphone application for reference.


It looks like a table tennis bat. The SleepSense is designed to use a contactless sensor to analyze heart and respiratory rates. The date it collected overnight will be added to the motion data.

Samsung addressed that SleepSense is 97% accurate when it analyzes the quality of a your night’s rest. It offers specific details of the user’s night rest each morning.

From the details it showed, you will learn your sleeping quality over the night, including how long it took you to fall asleep and how many times you woke up during the night and how long you spent in parodoxical sleep.

It syncs with other Samsung smart devices. For instance, it enables automatically switching off the TV and lights when you nod off or adjusting the air conditioning in order to provide you a high-quality sleeping environment.

It features a smart alarm system that could wake up the users at a time when their sleeping becomes groggy.

Samsung has not confirmed its price and release date for SleepSense yet. Please pay close attention to Samsung’s follow-up news about SleepSense.