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Lenovo is merging its phone division with Motorola

The public may wonder about what will be the next move of Lenovo’s phone division following the firm’s acquisition of Motorola. Now they gave the public answer.


Lenovo company is merging its phone division into the Motorola brand. And it will release all its new handsets bases on the fact of their merging.

Rick Osterloh, the former Motorola president will be appointed as the leader of the smartphone division, and Lenovo Mobile staff will also join up with Motorola.

Lenovo’s CEO Chen Xudong claims Motorola team will in charge of its smartphone’s designing, launching and manufacturing. They will make full use of the advantage of Lenovo and Motorola to stimulate the sales growth. This is his second business integration since he joined Lenovo phone division on June 1st.

He indicates that the company will launch more competitive products with sound prices, enhance management level and improve the efficiency of the supply chain cooperative management.

Lenovo is reported to launch fewer handsets in the near future as the company is going to exploit specific market points and territories.

Lenovo made great success in China market, however, there was report showing its losses in last quarter and led to  the layoff of 3,200 employees in a global scale.

VMware launched Fusion 8/ 8 Pro to support Windows 10

Vmware launced Fusion 8 and Fusion 8 Pro that are compatible with Widnows 10, OS X El
Captian and the latest product of Retina Mac. Despite of these systems, Fusion 8 and
Fusion 8 Pro support Microsoft Crotana as well.


These two apps support the 3D image accelerating of DirectX 10, OpenGL 3.3, USB 3.0
and different DPI of display screens. Vmware platform works well with the 64-bit
systems and it maximum supports 16 vCPU of a single virtual machine, 64 GB RAM and 8TB
hard drive.

Fusion 8 and Fusion 8 Pro optimized the latest Mac system, including the update for
iMac with a 5k display and it allows 12-inch MacBook, DirectX 10 support Mac users to
run Windows virtual machine with original resolution under 5k display. These two apps
are also compatible with MacBook’s USB-C and Force Touch technology.

Fusion 8 Pro provides Advanced features and improvements, for instance, the connection
of Vmware vCloud Air, the support Ipv6 bridge network and the capibility of netowork
IP address from Ipv6 to Ipv4.

Fusion 8 and Fusion 8 Pro had been rolled out early this week. They are sold
respectively at $79.99 and $199.99. For the users of Fusion 6 and Fusion 7, they need
to pay respectively $ 49.99 and $119.99 to make an upgrade. Fusion 8 could be a good
choice if you want to apply Windows system on Mac pc.

Android Pay supposed to roll out in US this week


A new device made by Google will be rolled out in the coming week. Android Pay, the new application will be in the market after three months since it announced. The rumours suggested that the Android Pay is on the way.

According to the reports from Android Police, McDonald’s, the Fast food gaint in the world, is going to apply this new service in some of its branches on August 26. Apple Pay is accepted by the customers and retails there. The coming of Android Pay may cause some affect for its competition in the market as well.

McDonald’s is willing to accept and challenge new technology.It has a reputation of adopting new technology. It had applied free Wifi for customers, popularized touchscreen menus and introduced Apple Pay transactions.

Android Pay is akin to Apple Pay by functionally. It allows the customers to carry out touchless transactions via NFC. The transactions can be done even if using an older device.

This service had been announced alongside Android Marshmallow operating system at the I/O developer conference in May by Google.

In the meanwhile, Google has not announced when Android Pay will be rolled out in other countries yet.

Microsoft Surface Phone will be debuted alongside Surface Pro 4 in October

It has been a long time talking about Microsoft Surface Phone. Rumors indicate that it will be released in October.


Microsoft will release the anticipated Surface Phone alongside the final Windows 10 mobile release in order to avoid next month’s IFA gathering so that to make it more attractable.

Microsoft Surface Phone is just one of the Microsoft-made devices will be released in October.WPDang, the flagship phone will be debuted alongside Surface Pro 4 tablet and a second-generation Microsoft Band wearable, reports Chinese Windows blog.

Microsoft does not make any comments on the above comments yet. But its smartphone friendly form of Windows 10 is designed to activate during Q3 will be fitted with the software launch in October.

It is caution with the release dates. There were less than official nature of the leaks before.

Thanks to to current leaks, we know that the Microsoft Surface Phone is expected to play host to a 5.5-inch QHD AMOLED display with 2560×1440 pixel resolution. This feature will help Microsoft Surface phone to compete with LG G4 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+.

We also know that it will come with a 21-megapixel primary camera, 8-megapixel selfie snapper, 4GB of RAM and internal storage options of 64GB or128GB.

New Apple TV is said to run a version of the iOS 9 OS


It is reported that Apple will announce a modified Apple TV box as well as the latest iPhone next month. Here are coming with some details about the Apple TV box it runs.

The modified Apple TV box runs a version of the iOS 9 mobile operating system. It may provide the high definition and better quality to watch shows, according to 9to5Mac.

Apple had plan to release the new Apple TV previously at its Worldwide Developer Conference in June.However, it has been put off the release to September as they are afraid of its earlier release would cause more pressure on the iOS 9 software team. And the software team gained much time to test the device and improve its service.

As the critical stage past with working on iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad, Apple can make a clear plan to release its next-generation streaming box in the following weeks.

There were news reported in the past that the new Apple TV box has Siri support, a dedicated Apple Store and a remodeled remote.

Reports imply that the debut of new Apple TV box will be introduced at Apple’s iPhone press conference on September 9.

Facebook fired an intern who exposed a privacy flaw in its Messenger


A Facebook intern lost his internship as he exposed a privacy flaw in Facebook Messenger.

His name is Aran Khanna from Harvard University. He launched a location tracking app named Marauders Map in honored of the Harry Potter books this May.

The Marauder Map exposed a privacy flaw in the Messenger app that allowing the users to track the exact location of their friends. And the figure is very accurate.

During the interview, Aran Khanna said he was trying to provide a public service by highlight the flaw instead of launching a programme to be malicious.

His app received 85,000 downloads within 3 days after he launched. But Facebook implied this app went against the company moral values. Facebook requested Khanna to take it down a few days after its release.

A week later after Khanna launching the app, Facebook issued an update on its Messenger app in order to fix the location flaw.

Matt Steinfeld, the Facebook spokesperson claimed that it has been working for months to launch a modified update after a few days Khanna exposed its privacy flaw. He continued that this update is not an immediately response that can be issued in a week. They have been working on the update for months so that they could make a modified one so quick.

Shortly after he launched the app, Khanna received the notice that his internship was due. He got fired as his app violated the Facebook user agreement.

Sky customers will be able to watch goal replays on mobile



Attributing to the cooperation between Sky sports and The Sun, Sky costumers are able to watch the the goal replays from Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup and Scottish Premiership on their mobiles.

The match highlights come into win-win deal between the broadcaster and The Sun Newspaper. The Sun has opened up the Sun Goals mobile app to Sky Sports customers.

It is not a long-term deal between The Sun and Sky Sports as Sky has plans to launch a goal replays service of its own next season that having the right to show highlights from every Premier League fixture, including those it doesn’t have the rights to broadcast.

The Sky marketing chief Robert Tansey statement, this deal is a great addition for Sky Sports customers to have access more goals.

Sky provides many means for the customers to watch shows on TV, online and mobile and Sun Goals. And there will be more contents added for the customers by importing shows from Barclays Premier League, the UEFA Champions Leagues without extra costs.

Sky upgraded its service in compliance with BT Sporting scoring the rights to live Champions League and Europe League matches.

If you are a Sky membership, you can sign in your account on the official website and figure out how to gain Sun Goals service.

Google being re-organized and now part of company called Alphabet

Google recently experiences a great change inside its company. It is being re-organized as part of a larger and new company named Alphabet.

Google chief executive Larry Page made an announcement about Alphabet’s formation on August 10.


Larry Page is now the head of Alphabet. He is in charge of a great number of companies under the Google umbrella.

Alphabet is going to oversee research arms under the Google Ventures, life Sciences, Google X, Nest, Calico and Google Capital banners attributes to Google streamlined to concentrate on technology.

Page wrote in a blog and indicated that the new company will allow them more management scales due to management independence. He pointed out the Alphabet will develop prosperous with the strong leaders and independence.

It is needed to have a strong CEO to run each business. Serge and Page will cooperate together to lead the company a promising future. They will deal with funding allocation and work together to execute the policy well.

Its reorganization will mean that Alphabet replaces Google Inc as a publicly-traded company. Google’s existing shares will automatically be converted.

The company appointed Sundar Pichai as the CEO of Google that subordinating to Alphabet umbrella.

We would like to see a prosperous and promising Alphabet and Google. Google’s established time can date back to 1998. Through the past years’ hard working, it became to encompass internet mega-brands, YouTube, Blogger and Android for instance.

BMW announced to launch high tech wheelchair for contests

We have never put wheelchair and high tech together in a topic. Even though there are also wheelchair designed by high technology, it is not a big deal that may concerned most of us. It came to a surprise that BMW announced that it will launch high tech wheelchair for contests in the near future.

BMW’s design for high tech wheelchair will be practical. The high tech wheelchair will be applied for the 2016 Paralympic Games. If everything goes well, the American team will be able to use the wheelchair to contest in the Paralympic Games.

As reported, the BMW will use its previous designed experience of sport cars on this high tech wheelchair will. It will be carried out by Design Works. The BMW design team with cooperate with American team to meet their needs or support better solutions for preparation of Paralympic Games.

This is no idea what will this high tech wheelchair looks like. This high tech for wheelchair is still proceeding. The company implied that this high tech wheelchair will be a totally new design in comparison to the traditional ones. The design will take aerodynamics, control and braking, crew stopper technology and carbon fiber structure into consideration.

The design of this new wheelchair will be submitted in the beginning of next year. It will allow more flexible time for American team’s training. We will see how it looks like of this high tech wheelchair next September.

PPTV spent ¥1.685 billion to purchase a 5-year copyright of La Liga in China region

With the developing of mainland metecafe, the influences of those sites have been improved. On August 5, PPTV had announced that it signed up the contact with La Liga( China region) for exclusive media copyright from 2015-2020. They came into a deal signing at the cost of ¥1.685 billion。


What does the exclusive media copyright means? It means PPTV has the distributed right to broadcast La Ligo on TV, metacafa, new media or other public media in the China mainland, Taiwan and Macao.

Therefore, those medias neither networks of Letv sports, Sina sports, nor traditional TV channels like CCTV have no right to broadcast the shows of La Liga without purchasing from PPTV in China region. This contact means the break of CCTV monopoly.

A sport commentator from some Internet Platform claims that CCTV just paid a small amount to get the copyright to broadcast the sport shows due to its monopoly status in China. Its leading role is totally different from paid channels abroad.  Since this signing ceremony had been done between PPTV and La Liga, it may result in the difficulty copyright business negotiations for CCTV in the future. It is likely that CCTV will need to pay more to get the copyright in comparison to the past.