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Greek iCloud users get 30 days free service from Apple as the ongoing Financial crisis


Because of the Greek government is still dealing with the financial crisis at hand,the public people there have to stand the capital controls to stop the money flooding out of its country.

In attempt to avoid economic collapse, the lenders, credit card companies for instance, they can not settle their debt with international businessmen. In this case, the uses of services like iCloud could not pay the subscription through the credit card in Greece.

At first, Apple carried out the service as it told the Greek iCloud subscribers on the paid tired that they could be downgraded to the free 5GB plan of they fee wasn’t paid by monthly.

At the present, the company seemed to have changed its plan by sending a new email to users in Greece and telling them that they will be able to use the service for extra 30 days for free.

The email is also posted on Apple Insider and indicates that the company extended the iCloud storage plan for the an extra 30 days for free due to the current fiscal crisis in Greece. This plan is to prevent interruption in users’ iCloud service during this period and to make sure the users to have access to their content.

And the company won’t charge any fee for this plan untill 30 days after their purchased date. If the users could cut amount of iCloud storage they use.

Apple users can download iOS 9 public beta now

iPhone and iPad owners the chance to test the new software with the iOS 9 public beta that has launched before the its expected September release.

It is the first time that Apple allows the non-developers an early look at an iOS offering, and the people can access to a great number of upcoming features of iOS 9 beta. And these features include enhanced Notes support and split-screen nultiasking.


You need to have a compatible device and an Apple ID login to register to Apple’s beta software programme.

Besides iOS users, the Apple Fans can also get chance to have an early look at iOS 9 beta. They can join the next-gen mobile software on the beta release list in the upcoming Mac patch.

There are always potential buggy nature of the pre-release softwares, so Apple company suggest the users and fans to install iOS 9 beta on a secondary device to avoid the technical problems.

The iPhone 6 maker warned that don’t install beta software on production or business-critical systems. It is highly recommended to install the beta software on a secondary system or device to protect data safety.

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners as well as their compatible owners are free to use the iOS 9 beta. And the iOS 9 beta is available to use on all manners of devices include iPhones from the iPhone4s and all but the every first iPad

Drone-delivered post is closer to us due to flying postie trials in Sweden

In the ancient time, we delivered mails by manual work and it took long time to reach the addressees. In recent decades, snail mail was took over by text and email. Now, we are in 21st century, there is big change in the mailing industry attributes to airborne drones.


To make sure the bills and future Asos orders could be delivered to the addressees in one day with the double-quick fashion, Swiss Post has announced to deliver mails with drones this months as trials.

The drones deliver the goods by using a fleet of Matternet One Machines to carry out the trails. As it reported, the Switzerland’s national postal service is cooperating with freight specialist Swiss WorldCargo to deliver mails by drones.

The piloted drones can carry the payloads up to 1 KG in weight and fly over ten-mile round trips on a single charge by storing enough juice. To use this new delivery tool, the addressees need to live close to the dispatch centre or the drones can not reach the addressees due to the flying distance.

In other word, you may be disappointed that the flying post won’t become a mainstream in reality at the moment.

As the Swiss Post revealed, this action will be least five years in advance that flying fleet comes into daily need to deliver parcels around the nation.

So for, we still reply on the delivery doing by humans. It is hard to say when we will have the drones delivery popularized.

Samsung encounter legal action over bloatware


Android smartphone users has been overwhelming by the unwanted presence of bloatware. There is good news that court action against Samsung in China. The action may help the users to get ride of the apps they never asked for.

According to Shanghai Daily, Samsung is accused of selling smartphones with pre-installed apps by the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission as those apps are not only difficult to remove but also to annoy users frequently.

The commission has tested on 20 series of smartphones provided by many manufacturers. They found there were two offenders from Samsung and the others are from Chinese manufacturer Oppo.

The staff fond out there were 44 pre-installed apps on from those two Samsung’s smartphones, while Oppo’s came to 71. An electronic dictionary and online shopping programme are among those pre-installed apps on Samsung smartphone.

The commission revealed that some apps are able to remove on 20 smartphones while some apps even steal data from users. But the commission did not give the public clear information which company obtains those devices between Samsung and Oppo.

Secretary-general of the Commission Tao Ailian said, this lawsuit is to protect the consumers right after other methods failed. They hope this will force those companies to end the unreasonable apps as the consumers were not informed with those pre-installing apps. The commission aims to help the manufacturers and consumers to build a healthy development of IT industry.

Through this lawsuit, the commission hopes the manufacturers could notify the consumers what apps are pre-installed on the smartphones, coming with the instructions on how to remove those apps.

Yahoo and Google are in a test for search partnership


Yahoo has worked on a tentative search partnership with Google. This means its exclusivity agreement with Microsoft was out of date. Yahoo is now challenging for new future.

The New York Times reported that during the trail that Google search ads will be shown in some of its desktop and mobile enquiry.

Yahoo claimed in a statement that they aim to bring about the Yahoo users for the absolute best experiences, they will keep testing with a number of partners including the search provider all the time to reach this goal.

Yahoo teamed with Microsoft Bing before for search results, but the information is exclusively. In the late April this year, Yahoo and Microsoft ended the agreement for their cooperation.

The Marissa Mayer-led firm now appears to be teamed up with Google, and it is free to pursue other partners for 49% of its results.

After years effort, these two companies made the agreement for cooperation.Google’s effort to look for a search alliances with Yahoo can date back to 2008. But the proposal was denied by the Justice Department’s antitrust division. Late is better than never, hopefully these two companies can go further with their cooperation.

Sony tests how powerful its new speaker is with paint, vodka and sand

Sony shows the public how powerful its new MHC-V7D speaker is by executing a “Cymtic” recreation of Kiesze’s hit “Hideaway”.

Paint, Vodka and Sand have been applied into the test so that to give a visual representation of sound to the audience.


Cymantcs originated in 1680 with Robert Hooke. It refers to the study of making sound visible which showing the sound via controlled displacement of particles on vibrating plates or membranes.

During the test Sony placed a petri dish that filled with vodka on the MHC-V7D’s sub woofer, with the combination of three dancing paints to create sonic water sculptures.

As long as “Hideaway” plays, the paint jumps to the rhythm of the track with a ultra slow motion, the colors are mixed and dropped the globules back. It seems like painting a picture by using the power a d sound pressure of the MHC-V7D.

According to Cole Paviour, director of Unit 9 who helped make the video, Sony’s aims to do this was to show the audience a sensory experience that reflects the sensations felt being with these products on the scene.

Benefiting from Sony’s new smart High Power Technology, The MHC-V7D produces soul-shaking bass and it comes with 1550 W of sound pressure.