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Facebook has been ordered to allow fake names in Germany

Facebook has been requested to allow users in Germany to sign up this social network with a false name.


Facebook’s “authentic name” policy has conflict with the country’s privacy laws in Germany. The privacy laws state that users can not be forced to submit their identified details or change their profile names against their will.

Report from Reuters confirmed that, the Hamburg data protection authority has informed the company must relax its position on this issue and allow the users to use aliases.

From this case we can see that the social networks are restrained by the regulators across Europe.

Jahannes Caspar, the Hamburg date protection commissioner implied that the the social networks should follow their rules to explore economic activity in Germany.

Facebook criticized the Germany rules and it insists that its authentic names policy serves to maintain privacy and safety online.

Quoting from a statement from Facebook company:”We’re disappointed Facebook’s authentic name policy is being revisited, since German courts have reviewed it on multiple occasions and regulators have determined it fully complies with applicable European data protection law.”

It is said the application of authentic names on Facebook protects users’ privacy and safety so that to make sure people know who they are sharing and connecting with.

Yahoo Livetext app launch video calling without sound -Yes, really

Yahoo is working on some app that similar to the likes of Skype and WhatsApp by making Yahoo Livetext which is a video calling service that removing the audio. It is call Yes, Really.


Let’s see the announcement from Yahoo. Yahoo stated Livetext doesn’t not use the audio so that to improve the privacy of video calling. By using this app, you have no need to worry about the secret listeners. It could be the better service to protect your privacy.

The users can enjoy the benefits of seeing each other’s reactions via live video besides typing messages by using this app. They can read the conversations as well as seeing the authentic faces.

Yahoo’s senior Vice President of Video, Design and Emerging Products, Adam Cahan said: “people text a lot nowadays, but they seldom call or use video call. The company is hoping to make a bridge for people to communicate with the live nature of video calling.”

He added:”this app could be a unique and different experience for the people. With this app, you can text and make video call with someone you could like to no matter where you are. You can see each other’s instant reaction coming with the message.”

Both of you could make private conversation with the video calling without an audio. This app is live video texting without sound. The company is hoping to make an emotional bridge for the public.

While you are in a video call, you can browse the full conversations by scrolling up and down. It clears the history if you close a conversation.

This app is free to download in the UK, the US and Canada on July 30. If you are interested in it, now please move your cursor.

Microsoft releases another Android app “Arrow Launcher”

Microsoft continues to work on producing Android apps as it has released a new app for the Google operating system in beta.

Microsoft News reported that this new app is called Arrow Launcher that repainting the device’s home screen and plasters over Android with a new, stripped down user interface.


The Arrow Launcher separates the home screen into three pages as you could see from the photo. It comes with a People screen housing contacts, a main page hosting apps and serves, and a Notes and Reminders page.

The Arrow Launcher is made to support those users who like the idea of a mixture of Microsoft and Google on their mobile phones. This app is a minimalist offering to them.

This Launcher is coming in beta at the right moment. And it just can be tested by requesting an invite from service’s Google+ community.

There is no confirmation from Microsoft that when the Arrow Launcher will be released on Google Play yet.

As Microsoft targets on increasing its application on third-party platforms before the Window 10’s upcoming release, so far the Arrow launcher could be Microsoft’s most significant Android app. The free update for  Windows 10 comes to the public today.

Windows 10 shares your WI-Fi passwords with friends and contacts by default

Windows 10 contains a new feature called Wi-Fi sense that sharing your Wi-Fi passwords with contacts.

It is feature is useful for some users. The Wi-Fi sense is activated by fault on the upcoming operating system, according to Gizmodo.

The Wi-Fi sense has been applied on Windows Phone that sending passwords to all Wi-Fi networks you have stored on those social networks like contacts, Skype friends, and Facebook friends.


The password is encrypted. But most of people are unaware of this feature is coming with when they upgrade the system.

Windows 10 offers the option for the users to decide if they want to share their Wi-Fi passwords when they connect to a new network. But it seems it is not working with the existed networks. The existed networks will be stored on your computer or phone when you upgrade to Windows 10 and your passwords will be share by fault as well.

You can click Wi-Fi> Network settings> Manager Wi-Fi settings and uncheck the feature to disable sharing the passwords.

If you use a Windows 7 or Windows 8 within the first year, you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free from July 29.

To avoid overloading Microsoft’s servers, you can upgrade the system after July 29 as there will be many people have their systems upgraded.

The Windows 10 is available for PCs, tablets, smartphones, and other hardware, however, it is not available for mobile devices at the beginning of its launch.

Facebook will introduce Super Mario Maker levels

Facebook and Nintendo has worked together for the celebration of its upcoming release of Super Mario Maker.


The cooperation of these two companies was acknowledged via Twitter that stating The Facebook staffs will design levels in the game. It is said that the one level version will be able to download for free after its products come to the market.

Nintendo introduced a Wii U Premium Pack bundle featuring Super Mario Maker for European customers lately.

The game will be launching on September 11, and meantime the company will also launch the bundle. This bundle is including a black Wii U console, a physical copy of Super Mario Maker, a hardcover art book and a Classic Colors Mario amiibo features.

With the new features, players are allowed to create their own custom 2D Mario levels by using Super Mario Maker.

Basing on the original 8-bit Super Mario Bros, players can create levels for their need. And they can also make their stages look like Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros U when creating levels.

There will be more related news reporting about this game. If you are interested, you can pay close attention to gaming news. You will be able to download this game this autumn to experience.

Wife spots husband by using Google Street View online

A secret Merseyside smoker got caught smoking by his wife online by using Google Street View, he felt embarrassed as he promised his wife to quit smoking. He could not lie to again as there was evidence on in hand.

His name is Donny Ryding. The Google Street View mapped his activity from Leasowe enjoying smoking soon after his doctor suggested he should not smoke any more.


His wife Julie Ryding told the reporter of Liverpool Echo that her husband was told to quit smoking by the doctor and he should eat healthy diets as he had a heart attack before.

Concerning how she got the picture of his husband smoking, she have learned that there is street view camera working around them. When she checked the Google Street View online, she found it. And her husband has no way to deny this as he was fag in hand.

Now this image of Ryding smoking has been replaced by a more recent view of the couple’s street.

Julie said the image of figure’s face was blurred when Google Street View first launched. She felt there was no need to blur his face as there was a cloud of smoke covered him. Her husband took this story in good spirits. And they sometimes talked this as a joke.

The Google Street View snapped many pictures each day. And there are some inelegant ones as well. So you need to be careful with your manners in public.

Google self-driving car’s first accident caused injuries due to human’s fault

By now, Google self-driving cars been tested the road in the US for six years. There were many collisions caused by self-driving cars in the past years. But there was no human injured then.

A modified Lexus sports utility vehicle involved in human injuries on July 1 that Google first self-driving car caused passengers were injured.

The three employees inside the car experienced whiplash and they were taken to the hospital. In the meanwhile, the drive in the other car complained of neck and back pain as well.

Google states that the Lexus vehicle was hit behind by a car traveling running at 17mph when it stopped in Mountain View, California due to the traffic jam.

It was the 14th accident caused by Google driverless car involving in a collision. It results in human injuries by human error instead of the autonomous vehicle.

Chris Urmson, Google’s self-driving car programme head, writing on Medium that “the cause of this accident went to human error and carelessness.”

The Google’s self-driving car team are working on effective ways to pay distracted driver’s attentions before any accidents happen. Honking is a method to bring the drivers’ attention back even though this solution may annoy the residents around Mountain View.

SHARP may face deficit of $280 millon as Mobile phone screen business cuts down


According to Nikkei Business Daily, the famous Japanese company Sharp may meet business performance deficit from April to June. The Sharp company sought help from the bank in May due to its business performance reduce on smartphone screen business.

Reports from Nikkei Business Daily that Sharp company has the possibility to announce its quarterly revenues deficit at the price of 280 million dollars, while its revenue profit reached 4.6 billion yen at this time in the past year.

Its quarterly revenues may reduce 3.2%, which counting to 600 billion yen loss. But there is not commend from Sharp’s senior management group. So it is not clear that if this figure is true or not.

Its quarterly revenue did not meet its marketing expectation. And its share price dropped down 3% in the morning. According to Thomson Reuters’s investigation, the analyst predicted its quarterly revenues lost 21 billion yen, and its profit amount reaches 612 billion yen.

This dilemma may result in Sharp’s price cuts on LED screen. After the deficit, the company gained 1.9 billion dollars for help to go through this difficult situation.

Nikkei Business Daily implied that if Sharp wants to reach the revenue profit at 10 billion yen from April to September that it has to improve its revenues profit from July to September.

WhatsApp is safe for application because of Government U-turns on encryption ban claims


Many people feel it could be a sign towards the banning of WhatsApp, Snapchat and other messaging services when David Cameron implied a crackdown on encryption technology last month.

In terms of Cameron’s Investigatory Power Bill proposal-aka the Snooper’s Charter, he implied the encryption technology would provide chances for terrorists safe to transfer information to parliament during the speech about prohibiting any encryption of messages.

Reporter from Business Insider got the source from a Number 10 representative that the encryption services won’t be prohibited completely.

The representative said the Prime Minister did not indicate banning the encryption technology, and they are aware of the importance of the encryption and willing to accept it.

The representative, Prime Minister’s follower at statement on terrorism said there will be no safe space for terrorists in those messaging services.

The Baroness Shields said during her statement that the government support the encryption in which providing personal data and intellectual safe for the public. She said encryption is very important to daily access to the internet. And the encryption technology will protect the personal details while transferring money during online shopping. It will be dangerous for the public if there is no encryption applied during the transaction online.

She added: ” the Prime Minister made it clear that the encryption technology should not violate the laws when they use it for privacy.”

Toshiba’s CEO might be resigned this September due to its accounting frauds

Report from Reuters on July 15 that Nikkei Newspaper confirmed that the CEO of Toshiba, Hisao Tanaka may be resigned due this September because of accountant’s counterfeit scandal.

Previous news from Reuters that Toshibass accountants may have involved with frauds. It indicated that the accountants reduce its trading profit between 100 billion yen to 150 billion yen. There was a third party group doing the investigation scandal and investigating its senior managers whether are involved or not. It is said that the investigation result will be reported in the middle of this month. This scandal may result in a new management structure.

As reported, the investigation began with the basic accounting violations and extended to checking its financial statements. There was rumor that the half of the involved managers in this scandal might be forced to resign.

According to its public details, this is not the first financial scandal has been reported. In October 2013, Toshiba announced its medical subsidiary company reported the false performance in the past few years.

These financial scandals were happened during Hisao Tanakass tenure.He joined Toshiba in 1973 and he has been working for over 40 years in the company. In the third quarter financial report of 2012, Toshiba lost 1.3 billion yen in its home appliances business during October to December in that year. Hisao Tanaka shouldered an important mission to rebuilt the home appliances business to be profitable.

He told the Wall Street Journal reporter that there was no need to quit the intense competition market by imitating the competitors to close down the money-losing business. He implied that he would find a way to go through the dilemma.

Nikkei Newspaper reported that Toshiba may be revealing its investigation result in board of inquiry. And it will also official announce Hisao Tanaka’s Dimission. He might carry out some policies to avoid the similar things happen before the Extraordinary general meeting in September.