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London will welcome the world’s first all-electric double-decked bus

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London has announced London city will welcome the world’s first electrified double-decked bus later this year.

This bus is Chinese built and it will be on a trial test on route 16 between Cricklewood and Victoria station from October in the hope of reducing air pollution levels. This bus is environmental friendly.

The Mayor has plans to cut down half of the bus emissions by the end of his term in 2016. And this figure compares to the one in 2008.


According to the statement on The Guardian by London’s transport commissioner Peter Hendy: This action is important to provide a clean city for the public. The air in the city is polluted.

He added: “but this action only could be continued if the government can afford the prices and bear the costs.”

All-electric double-decked buses were considered as challenges as they need bigger batteries to power the vehicle in accordance with their sizes.

Johnson said, the upcoming red double-decked bus will become greener transportation than ever. It will be London’s honor to play host to these all-electric double-decked buses, and he is sure that the local people of route 16 will warmly welcome its arrival.

London was one of the 24 cities which promising the development of 40,000 low-emission buses by the end of the decade at a global clean bus summit in City Hall.

Selfie sticks are not allowed to use in Disney theme Parks



Most of people love to take photos when they are in a new place. Selfie sticks have been popular since it came to the public. At the moment, Selfie sticks are not allowed to use at Disney theme park as the company made a blanket ban inside the them parks.

The company allowed the visitors to use the smartphone accessories as long as the visitors control their behavior from taking pictures on rides. But there were too many people taking photos for the Mickey and they ignored the caution signs.

This new policy will be carried out at Disney World and California’s Disneyland next week, while this policy will come to Hong Kong and Paris on July 1st.

According to the ban, the Disney staffs will check the visitor’s bags for the selfie sticks before they enter into the theme parks, reported by the Orlando Sentinel.

If the staffs find the selfie sticks in the visitors’ bags, they have to leave their selfie sticks at the gate and give them back after their visiting.

There are also fights against the selfie sticks in the UK. There are several organizations issuing bands that including Premier League football clubs, art galleries, live music events and the Wimbledon tennis tournament. The visitors can not use selfie sticks in those public places either.

Apple appeared to launch flexible OLED displays to iPhone in 2018

Technology fans always keep en eye on the new launch of Apple. iPhones seems that it has got Apple more than its fair share of negative publicity, while the reports indicate the company has the ability to launch flexible handsets.

Due to the source from Business Korea, it indicated that the Cupertino company seriously consider launching flexible OLED display technology for its devices.

There is inside rumor told the news reporter that Apple’s team-up suppliers are possibly producing the fist flexible iPhone to the market in 2018. So this OLED display might possibly come with the flexible iPhone.

It is said that the OLED display will provide the new features of the color saturation, accuracy and brightness to the future iPhones.

Apple has been working on this material as it apply LG Display and Samsung Display to provide flexible OLED screens for its Apple Watch.

Users can learn from Apple’s previous reports that the upcoming iPhone 6s will come along with a Force Touch display that it could distinguish the difference between a brief tap and a longer press. The announcement of OLED is expected to show up soon after that. For more information, please stay close to Apple news.

Wifi support and new gesture controls come to Moto 360

Android 5.11 update version has modified with some new features for Moto 360, and the users will find that their smartwatch run more efficient and useful.

The Moto 360 device now provides the feature of Wifi connectivity that allows the users to read the data which comes with their smartphone even though the Moto 360 and smartphone place in different place. It can reach the data with the longer distance than Bluetooth does.


The gesture controls give users chance to browse news via cards, notifications and information with a soft move cross their wrist. And they don’t have to touch the screen.

There are other new features as well. These features allow the users to choose to drag their own emoji on the touchscreen as an option and the enable them to enlarge the front size on the display.

Motorola has announced the update version on June 18. And it is targeting to bring the new features to all the users in the following few days.

At the same time, the Lenovo company which is Motorola’s parent company has recently announced that the new generation version of Moto 360 will be released to the public in this summer.

Samsung users can record mobile gaming sessions with its Game Recorder+ app

It has been confirmed that Samsung has launch a new app which allows the users to record and share bridging-shot from their Android gaming sessions.

This new app is unveiled at E3 2015. It was reported that the Game recorder+ will play full High Definition sessions and it can catch the player’s face and comments while it films.


There are basic editing tools to allows the users to delete bits of unwanted footage. Even though the users are not playing well at Hitman:Sniper, no one knows if they use this feature to delete the unwanted sessions.

There are still not many users of Game Recorder+ at present for the reason that this app is not available in European countries or even Samsung’s headquarter South Korea.

What is more, the compatible versions for the Game Recorder+ are not many in application. There are only Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S5, S4, Galaxy Note 4, Note 3 and Note 2 compatible with this app at the moment.

Samsung doesn’t confirm the news if the Game Recorder will be introduced to UK yet. June is a busy month, we can watch more news for its further announce.

Google Maps adds closing times to shorten your journey

It is good news for those who use Google Maps for traveling since Google Maps has just added an intelligent new feature. This new feature will guide users if their destination is close by the time they get there.

No one likes waste time on his journey. Thanks to the latest versions of mapping service on Google Maps, the users will be able to find their destination with the right “closed” sign. It will guide you to a restaurant or store if you want to find a coffee shop.

When the users are set to arrive to late by using the new feature of Google Maps, the Google Maps will send users a warning messages indicating “your destination may be closed by the time you arrive”.

The update version now can be applied for the Android version of GoogleMaps. However, it is not clear when the new version will be available on other platforms as there is no confirmation from Google company.

In the beginning of this month, live transit data has been applied for the UK, Netherlands, Budapest, Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco on Google Maps.

It is competitor Apple Maps will also add new feature when the iOS 9 operating system goes to the market in the autumn.


Microsoft Surface Pro 3 gives better comment than iPad Air 2 and Nexus 8 in speed test

The Surface Pro 3 may not be able to compete with iPad Air 2 concerning the sales performance, but there is research showing that Surface Pro 3 runs faster.

microsoft1 microsoft

The result of a study made by consumer watchdog Which? Figured out that Microsoft slate is 20% faster than its competitors, iPad and the Google Nexus 9 are included.

The tablets are put through its paces applying the industry-recognized Geekbench software and it turns out the Surface Pro 3 ranking on the top with a score of 5,069.

Behind Surface Pro 3 it came iPad Air 2 with a score of 4,046, while the HTC-made Nexus 9 ranked third with a score of 3,537.

As smaller tablets as concerned, Tesco’s Hudl2 beat iPad Mini 3 and this device is offered at the price of three times cheaper than Apple’s iPad Mini 3. So the customers can save much money and gets a tablet running with better performance.

The editor of Which? Richard Headland said: “their tablet speed test gives the customers brief introduction of how fast tablets can run when they download apps and use multiple functions at once.”

“ With the development of high tech, we expect everything runs fast with a hit or a click of the buttom. It is important to the customers that they understand how quickly a tablet can proceed the information.”

Samsung’s table line did not won a better record in the trails, as the Galaxy Tab Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab S came in sixth and seventh. These two tablets ranked behind the original iPad Air and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX.

FTC puts forwards lawsiut objecting to Kickstarter project creator for deception

The Federal Trade Commision has put forward lawsuit objecting to Kickstarter project creater concerning’deception and misleading conduct.’.

Rising funding throught the crowdfunding platform for board game called the Doom That Came to Atlantic City, Erik Chevalier has gathered over $122,000 from 1,246 supports.

According to the FTC, Chevalier use the money for his own needs instead of using the money to make improvements on the game.

Ditector Jessica Rich ,FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection stated in a press conference that many of its consumers are happy for the opportunity to take part in the development of a product or service via crwodfunding, and the consumers know there is some unreliablity at the beginning.

She added, but the consumers should be able to keep eyes on their money where it will be spent on the project as they funded.

Details from FTC that Chevalier cancelled the project 14 months after his has gather the money, and he did not refund the money to his backers as he promosied

Base on the FTC’s settlement order, Chevalier is unallowed to make misrespresentations about any crowdfunding campaign and statment about failing the refund policies. He has been fined at $111,793.71.

It is said that this is the FTC’s first case involving crowfunding, and it is a portion of comminsion’s Fin Tech original proposal to protect consumers make full use of new and emergiing financial technology.

Samsung’s transparent OLED displays are a sign of future tv


Samsung has introducted a series of transparent OLED displays recently and it claims the company has plans to sell them to the retailers to use as interactive screens.

From its announcement, the new panels can be used as a minor,a window or even a television. The transparent OLED even has gesture control by connecting a built-in camera.

There is no confirmation that Samsung’s plans to bring the OLED displays to living rooms. And the customers dont’ expect them to come with cheap price if Samsung ever makes breaktrought on this event.

Samsung executive Oseung Yang said:“ Samsung is a big company and it is with a long tradition of leadership in technology innovation intelligent products so as to some other applications.We are confident with the technology support. We are the majoy leader for the next wave of digital developing improvement with our Mirror and OLED displays solutions.”

He added,they are delighted to help produce a new interactive dimension to the world for multiple channel shopping with the integration of their newest OLED display.

Samsung addresses in comparison with other rival screens, its transparent OLED displays will be with a superrior refectance level, colour gamut and transparency level.If you are interested in this OLED displays, please keep close eyes on the related news.

OS X EI Capitan-Apple’s next Mac operating system


Apple has confirmed that its next Mac operating system is decided to call OS X EI Capitan.

This news was announced on news release at the Worldwide Developers Conference by Craig Federighi, the company’s software chief. He said that OS X EI Capitan’s standing features are “experience and performance”.

This operating system supports with a swathe of new gesture controls which allows users to delete messages in the mail app more convenient.

The Safari web browser provides some new features, therefore, the users can pin websites and recall them any time quickly.

It is revealed the the Mac desktops will improve window management. For example, the spotlight comes with the resizeable box will be free to move around and it also supports natural language search.

The users can enhance window management with tools to auto-arrange windows by putting aside them to one side. Users can drag the windows to the top to go full screen.


EI Captian will be also improved with performance. The company will launch apps by 1.4 times faster to able users to switch between apps and receive mail messages as twice as quicker.

The hardware-accelerated graphics API came with iOS 8 has been applied to Mac with EI Capitan which helps software developers avail of a rang of new effects. This action make Mac benefits from gaming.

OS X EI Capitan will be in a trial in July before its free download version release in the autumn.