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Walmart plans $50 -a -Year Shipping Service Replace Amazon Prime


Walmart is working on a new way to compete with Amazon’s shipping service. It is reported that Walmart may carry out a three-day policy to speed up the shipping service, which it will cost customers about $50 per year. It is half the price of Amazon Prime. But it is not clear yet if the additional benefits will be included while orders beyond free shipping. This policy will be on initial trail on this summer. If the orders are over one million sales, the three-day shopping policy will be applied to the customers.

If Walmart can avail of its distribution network to deliver products efficiently, the company will be in a positive position to compete with Amazon concerning the speed of delivery. Walmart is in difficult position to compete with Amazon due to its additional perks. Ravi Jariwala, Walmart spokesperson stated in Associate Press: Walmart is unable to compete with Amazon additional perks.

Amazon Prime charges double the cost of the Walmart proposal shipping service. But customers can access to a large streaming video library on Amazon instant Video, they can rent a free book for a month through the Kindle Lending library and download photos on Prime Photos, while streaming music on Prime Music. We can imagine that Walmart could eventually wrap a streaming video perk to Vudu which belongs to Walmart.

It is not clear that if the family members can share Walmart’s new shipping service when the customers purchase. While customers can share Amazon Prime’s shipping service with four household members living at the same address.

What is more, Walmart’s service was supposed to be tested during the 2014 holiday shopping season, but this proposal was suspended till 2015 because of some technical issues.

British public calls on strict rules on dones in cities


Over half of the British Public think the people who endanger aircrafts by using drones would be sentenced to prison. This result comes from a new survey from the public.

52% of people claimed that they hope to see the custodial sentences for those who found to have endangered aircraft safety with a drone, news from The British Airline Pilots’ Association(BALPA).

Other 24% of people felt it was the humanity level of punishment to fine those people who endanger aircraft safety.

Only 20% of people deemed the current commercial UK drone license was suitable to fly drones in urban areas,however, 31% of people felt everyone should be banned to fly drones in built-up area.

“Drone technology develops rapidly, and we need to ensure the public can benefit from its business and leisure opportunities rather than safety risk while flight drones”.Said by BALPA General Secretary Jim McAuslan. “The Survey shows the pilots and the public want the UK to be a safe drone zone. They want strictly punishments for endangering aircraft”.

At last, he said the country can lead a safely way to produce small drones and set the standard for the passenger aircraft in the future.

The pilots of the companies should inform to the public before they fly large, remotely pilot aircraft over their homes and alongside their passenger planes.