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Two and a half year’s preparation, BBC iPlayer arrives on Wii U version


After years hard working on the Wii U, BBC iPlayer has made it to the public, but better late than never.

Wii U was initially proposed to launch with the console dated back to November 2012, but it was not working on it until January 2014.

It was then the senior product manager Peter Lasko stated that the company will bring BBC iPlayer with both Xbox one and Nintendo Wii U. The Xbox one was made to the public last December and Xbox one has now been made the transition to Wii U.

The users can download the BBC iPlayer app from Nintendo eShop and the app weights in at 94 MB.

The users can both watch BBC programming through the Wii U and on the Gamepad. It is quite convenient.

It was reported that the BBC iPlayer app would be delayed on Xbox One because of the complications caused by Knect. But there is no clear reason why it was delayed on the launch of Wii U.

The BBC iPlayer service was available on Wii in 2008. And it coperated with Sony to launch with Sony’s PlayStation on November 29,2013.

If you are interested, you can search more articles or videos for this BBC iPlayer.

The iPhone text message leads to the handsets crash


There is a bug in Apple’s iOS which caused the handsets to crash when it received a text message containing a certain string of characters.

The error message is caused by the operating system’s inability to correctly render Arabic text, but the Apples only crash if a specific string of characters is sent. So it is all not the text messages cause the Apples crash.

The bug will make the user to reboot the iPhone it they receive the offending messages, only if the user has already know their imessage history when it comes.The users need to be careful when the texts arrive to their phones.

Some users sent the phone-crashing text to the others for joking, while some of the victims by sending them to the Reddit to release their frustration.

There are also alternative solutions to deal with this problem for the users they are able to protect themselves by shutting off the “show on local screen” slider under the “message” section of the “notification” menu. Then they can set “none” while choosing the “ alert style when unlocked”.

There are reports on Twitter stating that the Apple company is aware of the bug and it is working on the fix. There has been no official statement from the Cupertino Firm yet.

iPhone 6s will install a Sony camera with advanced low-light tech


It is said that Apple’s iPhone 6s is going to set the 8 megapixel camera in order to support more powerful sensor, and fresh reports which has been explained on its new snapper.

According to the news from Feng the Japanese media indicated that Sony is going to provide a rear camera which is advanced low-light capabilities for the new iPhone.

A camera with Sony’s RGBW tech on board will be featured to the follow-up iPhone, and this feature provides a white sub-pixel for low-light photography.

This technology give us a specific evidence to prove the persistent rumours that the iPhone 6s will be ditched a 12-megapixel camera on the rear, which is the first megapixel boost since 4s.

There were previous reports that iPhone 6s will be made from the same aluminum alloy as Apple Watch Sport did, and the aluminum alloy increased its performance up to 60% stronger than the previous one.

Apple appears to apply the wearable’s Force Touch display technology, this technology enables a device to figure out the distinction of the handset between a brief tap and a longer press. Let’s look forward to this new iPhone 6s with Sony camera.


Microsoft is rumored that to takeover for BlackBerry

It is not long before that canards of a Samsung takeover bid for BlackBerry were turnover, but there are new reports indicate there are other companies which are interested in the Canadian firm.

Microsoft weighs up a bid for the manufacturer so that to enhance its mobile phone market, news came from a Taiwanese publication Digitimes.

The news claims that Microsoft is just one of the tech companies which values BlackBerry. There are Chinese subsidiary Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei are showing their interests in BlackBerry company according to the news.

Nokia’s devices and services business has been purchased by Microsoft years ago. If it purchases BlackBerry this time, Microsoft business scale will be extended to a new level. The technology support of BlackBerry is also excellent according to its popularity and manufacturing ability.

But there is no official announcement either the Remond company or BlackBerry
to confirm this rumour. So this news of this acquisition bid is just a rumour in the public.

The data from the Canadian company in recent months showed that the business of BlackBerry products has been increased a bit after a long period of economic decline. There may be news to quash this remour soon.

A new OS will be launched by Google for Internet of Things


Google I/O is upcoming and the statistics is showing that Google is going to launch an OS for low-power devices which can be connected on the Internet of Things. It has a codenamed “ Brillo”.The public will be announced more information of this platform, which made by the Android brand at Google I/O next weekend. Its working theory would be based on the existing Android and it would give a sign for Google’s entry into the connected devices marketplace. It would be a new breakthrough.

Base on the report, this OS target its primarily market in low-power devices which function on as little as 64 or 32 MB of RAM. A wide range of small devices included like light bulbs, door locks, and many other smart home function base on this specific, and we will be able to see its updates in a few years.

Many companies cooperated with The Internet of Things as they want to explore their market with bigger share in the future. They have to collect information at trade shows. They may like Google’s OS new devices which will be launched. Google has launched a lot of popular devices as we have known.

We are delighted to see what we could get for Google I/O next week. There will be the annual developer conference to reveal Google news and we can pay close attention for Google Glass 2, updates on Android and more information about the Internet of Things.

In terms of new refreshment of this OS at this moment, it would be a new step for advanced devices in the market no matter what we may get. We look forward to this new O/S.

The ideal house created with options by most people in Sweden


Have you ever imagine what is your ideal home look like? The ideal home for Swedish is three bedrooms, an open kitchen, one-and a half baths, with 1,200 square feet of boxy space painted in red. This news based a survey of two million people’s options. The Swedish housing website Hemnet got the data from over two million clicks to figure out what the people want in a home, and this ideal home came into reality carrying out by architectural firm Tham&Videgård。

“The two million people visit Hemnet website each month by giving ideas to explain what are their dreaming houses,” Stanffan Tell, Hemnet spokesperson said in a statement. Our website provides interesting observations into daily life about how the local people want to live, said Staffan.

The ideal home may not be accepted by everyone, but it was taken into consideration for many people on what they are looking for. Many visitor click the house on Hemnet website provided with four rooms, not including kitchen. It showed they are in favor of an average 3.8 rooms’ house. And 57 percent of people would like to have an open kitchen rather than a dedicated room. So the kitchen was also taken into consideration.These designs choices are not made by races but by different elements to suit several tastes. The house looks like a shipping container with a boxy shape. It is color is close to deep red paint like the traditional barns and cottages which makes the ideal house modern and classic.

Users can preview Microsoft Office on Android Phones

4We are all familiar with Microsoft Office. It comes with good news that Microsoft Office is able to use on Android smartphones after a few months it launched on Android tablets.

The PC publisher gives a chance to preview a quick look of Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for those who are interested in. In other words, we don’t have to preview Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the computer. It is quite convenient.

Microsoft stated in a blog post that The Office for Android phone apps are novel, qualified for touch and designed to work smoothly. The documents, spreadsheets and presentations made by Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps looks nice on your Android phone. It performs well at any time or anywhere. You can imagine that.

The Office Mobile hub on Android will be gradually replaced by the new apps as long as the full version launches tests are over.

Microsoft asks the people who download the preview to provide feedback so that they could improve Office at the final launch on Android smartphones. To have this tested completed, the users must join the Office for Android community for further feedback.

The test required testers has a handset which is running Android KitKat 4.4 x or higher version and it comes at least 1GB of RAM.

Redfin Company stated Minneapolis is the most bikeable city in U.S.


As the developing campaign of friendly environment, the public named May as the National Bike Month in U.S.. To congratulate this month of fewer emissions and more cycling, Redfin Company did a survey from 10,000 neighborhods and 154 cities in the U.S. to see which cities were most popular by cyclists. It is not easy to have this done, but we need a lead.

The company use a 1 to 100 scale for the survey, 1 is the worst while 100 is the best for cyclists. Redfin chose cities with population which are 300,000 or more, and it took hills, bike lanes and road into consideration. Minneapolis and Minnesota led the charge with impressive score of 81.3 ranking first while San Francisco ranked second by six points backward. The top 10 cities were Portland, Denver, Boston, Chicago, DC, Sacramento, Tuscon and Philadelphia.

“There was no surprise that Minneapolis turn out to be the top as Minneapolis leads a healthy lifestyle by biking. There is phenomenon for people biking in the local surroundings”, said James Garry.

Garry is also a Minneapolis resident and he stated that several of his clients have chosen to buy smaller houses in South Minneapolis in the past years while the prices are similar to the suburb ones, so that they could go to work by bike during the week and exercise around Lake Harriet on weekends.

There were more than 118 miles of on-street and 92 off-street bikeways and trail for the local people to bike. The cyclists there are definitely the most happiest in the United States.

There was also good news for bikers cross the country coming from Redfin by offering better bike paths and improved safety measures. Several cities have improved their bike scores in 2013. And Chicago ranked in the top 10 this year by 9 point jump, there are also many cities made similar improvements.

Those lager cities could not be able to compare with some of the smaller towns which are under 300,000 residents. Cambridge Massachusetts are with a score of 92.8 and they could be the most bikeable city regardless of the population, then come to Davis and Berkeley in California and Boulder, Colorado.

You could experience biking exercise easily in those cyclist-friendly cities.

Xiaomi opens online store in U.S. and some European countries, but it is out of stock


There was news addressed by Xiaomi earlier this year that it was going to expand online market for the U.S. and several European countries. The preparation work has been done, it is waiting for the company’s instruction this week.

The customers can check out the store’s offerings but they have to wait till 7 pm Monday for the appearance of buy button. Products will be delivered throughout U.S., UK, France and Germany.

There are only a selection of the company’s accessories will be available at first, smartphones and tablets will be found on their list through the online store later. Its mi headphones are about $80 and its fitness band is $15. Customers can purchased mobile battery between $10 and $14.

The related news about Xiaomi showed that it rolled out new products on company anniversary. Xiaomi’s co-founder Bin Lin cited product certification challenges earlier this year for excluding its mobile devices from its commerce store. If this operation comes up a success, the sales of mobile products online may decline.

Xiaomi’s international chief Hugo Barra pointed out that in term of the possibility of the store’s future expansion, the products which are on the market shows our effort of work, we are working hard to produce simpler ones for the customers.

There is also evidence indicated Xiaomi will produce powerful Mi Note Pro in China. Xiaomi set up its branch in Beijing five years ago and it has become one of the biggest smartphone makers in the world. It focus on Asian markets and it reached 61 million phones and continues of sales. It make great deals.

Marketing strategy and reasonable prices of products are important to a company’s success. Xiaomi is now explanding the market into US and some European countries. We expect to its great success.

Hyperlapse- A new App brings shake-free vidoe to PC and Mobile

A new App for Android, Windows Phone and PC has been launched by Microsoft that makes shaky video footage a thing of the past.

This new App is called Hyperlapse. Thanks to an advanced algorithm, Hyperlapse allows the users record super-stabilised clips and enhance footage shot with action camera or drone.

Users can get a similar feature its video tools offered by Instagram, while users can move beyond its 6x speed limit with Hyperlapse one-ups the Facebook-owned service. The users may choose superior product base on under this circumstance.

Hyperlapse Mobile provides users the chance to watch any long video like a bumpy bicycle or a family stroll in the park. In other words, users can use the distilled version to share the video with friends and family easily, quoted from a blog post of Microsoft. This technology will offer a welcome relief to anyone who’s ever sat uncomfortably through a real-time video documenting those types of excursions. It will be a new experience from shaky video footage.

PC and Windows live for this full version of the software, but the publisher recently also preview and limit Android version to select devices. Let’s look forward to this new App.