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How to use Microsoft tool to scan for potential PC threats

With Windows Defender, you can run a quick scan of your computer or a full scan. If you suspect spyware has infected a specific area of your computer, you can customize a scan by selecting only the drives and folders that you want to check.

A quick scan checks the places on your computer’s hard disk that spyware is most likely to infect. A full scan checks all files on your hard disk and all currently running programs, but it might cause your computer to run slowly until the scan is complete. We recommend that you schedule a daily quick scan. If at any time you think that spyware has infected your computer, run a full scan. For information about scheduling scans to occur regularly, see Schedule when Windows Defender scans your computer.

To scan the areas of your computer that spyware is most likely to infect (Quick scan)

  • Open Windows Defender by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button. In the search box, type Defender, and then, in the list of results, click Windows Defender.
  • Click Scan.

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