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ThyessenKrupp AG bought 24,000 HoloLens to increase working efficiency

It has been more than a month that Microsoft officially sold HoloLens. However, many of consumers got no chance to experience this high-tech product due to its expensive price. It costs $3,000 each. A general company bought 24,000 HoloLens for its employees for work.It is reported that this company named ThyssenKrupp AG which produces elevators. […]

Apple keeps poaching VR talents from other companies

Steven Troughton-Smith, who works as iOS developer, tweeted that it added the quotation of SCN 3D display rendering technique for its key framework. These files will be applied by developers for launching VR/AR features. Steven felt that Apple imitated HoloLens to make app platform and distribute the VR app launch to others. It verified on […]

Microsoft plans to stop selling Lumia mobile in December

WinBeta reported that there were rumors from the market that Lumia mobile brand would be canceled. There are only five series of mobiles of Lumia Brand left, Lumia 550, Lumia 650, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. Many experts feel these mobiles are lack of highlights and attractions to enhance the performance of mobile WP. […]

Apple breaks the routine: won’t release the sales volume of iPhone 7 on opening weekend

Apple released news on September 9, Beijing Time that it would break the routine this year for not revealing the sales volume of iPhone 7 on opening weekend. It released the new generation iPhones: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on September 7, San Francisco time. Pre-orders of these two modes of iPhone will start […]

Box Acquires Startup Wagon and ends its service on October 3rd

Box, a cloud file sync and shared software company, announced to Wagon Analytics on September 1st. Wagon Analytics is a company that offers query of transport bureau and data analysis. Wagon team will help Box to build the analysis platform when the merge is done. It will offers deep data analysis to help users to […]